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  1. Had "min: 2" on the buildTheme xAxis for some reason... got it all fixed now
  2. I've got a very strange bug with this... I've been trying to fix it for hours and haven't come up with anything Each chart is cutting off 2 xAxis columns.. ie. The time graph cuts off hours 0 and 1, and the board graph cuts off my top 2 and only shows the next 8 If I zoom in to the sides, I can work my way towards the cut off data.. it's there, it's just cut off in the default view. I've tried resizing the charts, but it just makes them bigger and still cuts the stuff off. I've tried adding and changing multiple settings in the javascript, but nothing seems to fix this.
  3. Doesn't seem like it would be extremely hard to implement a fix for this. I might give it a go myself. You could probably just check the last word after the title is truncated, and if it's on the bad word filter, truncate one letter earlier... and loop to check it again.
  4. An example of a topic title that got cut off in the middle of a word. (assignment) Just thought it might be a good idea to not truncate the topic titles in a way that makes a word on the bad word filter show up. :tongue:
  5. hookGlobalShoutbox didn't get updated because I had made a change to it or something I guess Just copied over the template from the default skin and it's all good now
  6. Just upgraded to 1.4.0 The shoutbox javascript seems to be broken on the board index If I click on the "@" next to a username Firebug shows this error: None of the buttons work either. Only an issue on the board index
  7. This is awesome. If you are taking suggestion into consideration, I've seen some others who asked for this also, having graphs for day/week/month/year would be a very nice option.
  8. First of all, I'd like to say that this is a big disappointment that the MSSQL drivers for IPB aren't going to be developed anymore. I had just heard about them for IPB 3.1 and I was waiting for IPB 3.2.. but then I saw the message in the client area saying that it's not going to be around anymore. I wanted to integrate it was an ASP.NET application =/ oh well... :logik: /disappointment at least you can run PHP and MYSQL on windows servers
  9. I hope the pink doesn't stay there =P but it all looks pretty sleek
  10. very smart to make it a link... so people with shared hosting won't get the boot for bandwidth looks great
  11. Looks awesome Please make it possible to use external links as profile pics :)
  12. lol my forum has lots of new members now xD stupid spam bots -_-

  13. I'm confused about the purpose of this... can't you already integrate CometChat into IPB without this hook? http://www.cometchat.com/demo
  14. is there a reason why my notifications all stay there even though I've read all the stuff it claims that I haven't read?
  15. I never knew there was an actual link to it in the previous blog entry It's awesome :)