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  1. Funny you mention that...I've got a ticket in now asking why compression isn't working on my site. It doesn't work on the default skin, or my custom skin, even with all plugins disabled. It does work on my article site, which is one level above it. The exact same code isn't working on the forum. Makes no sense, but again, this was working fine until one of your recent updates (I find that many of your updates break work I've done in the past to speed things up.)
  2. Your consistent ignoring of google speed recommendations drags everyone's rankings down. The only reason people have forums is to reach more people, not less people. I control my server, and do plenty to optimize it, but some of the things only you can do. I've reported them to you for years, but hit the same basic brick wall. For at least 10 years now, developing sites using google insights and tools is the norm, but unfortunately not for IPB.
  3. So now we are 2 years later and you are getting a 41%...still respectable????
  4. (DP41) CSE Google

    Mine is still behaving this way--the top search results, although they do correctly display google search results on the /search page, do not show any ads.
  5. (DP41) CSE Google

    Hello? Any news on this issue?
  6. (DP41) CSE Google

    Could it have to do with the fact that my site is https? For example, I had issues with my article site's search engine that I just had to fix. The fix was simple: 1) download, put it to module folder, change all "http:" entries to "https:" in it.2) modify the line that calls the script to be the local path, for example /forum/show_afs_search.js
  7. (DP41) CSE Google Try running this search: gluten free food at: and then try running it on the top-right box. You will see that the ads don't appear when you use the box, only when done on the search page.
  8. (DP41) CSE Google

    The problem I am having now is that if you search using the top search box that is at the top of every page, the results don't show ads. Only if I search from the /search/ page do I see ads. This is a big issue because most people search using the box at the top.
  9. (DP41) CSE Google

    UPDATE: I got it working after uninstalling it, then re-installing it. If fact, it seems that you need to do this each time you update your version of IPB. I have noticed that running an update on IPB breaks this plugin, and you must re-install it each time after running the update.
  10. (DP41) CSE Google

    I am using and a custom skin, and the plugin does not seem to work at all...I keep getting the normal search results and no CSE content is displayed. You can test it here:
  11. (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    This plugin was working, but now in the latest version of the board it stopped working for me. I uploaded the latest version of your plugin, but can't get it going. EDIT: I got this working again...I had to fully uninstall it, the re-install it, and that solved the issue.
  12. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    I got this working, but was hoping it worked after X posts too. Can you add that feature?
  13. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    I just bought this and have no idea how to set up an ad...there are zero directions.
  14. Over time google has been ranking these things more and more, which is why the scores have gone lower. This trend will continue for all IPB users until the problem is fixed. It is clear by looking at the IPB site's ranking drop over the last year that you don't pay much attention to site ranking: ...otherwise you'd focus on it more.
  15. Navigation Bar Links Support

    Thank you for pointing me to that...I've been playing around with it and they clearly didn't imagine that anyone would want their tabs/links in a particular order. Moving them around within the design box doesn't work either...very strange coding indeed.