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  1. MailBouncer works with any emails that are sent via SparkPost on your community, whether they're transactional emails or bulk mail. @JEFF MACK is also setting up SES/SNS at the moment. I do want to expand the choice, the next one will most likely be SendGrid and Amazon will follow (SES/SNS is much more complex to configure than the other APIs). I replied to your PM.
  2. Submit a ticket if you're having an issue and I can take a look.
  3. I appreciate you may be looking for something built-in, but I just wanted to let you know that already does most of this.
  4. Not really, unfortunately SparkPost doesn't differentiate between these in a way that we know if it's user generated or server generated. This is something that was possible with Mandrill.
  5. It's a shame really, they had a lot of business handed to them by Mandrill and they're making a hell of a mess. It's most likely going to be SendGrid next (although support for SparkPost won't be removed) Not at this time, but most probably in the future.
  6. Sorry, I have been on vacation, if you need support please open a support ticket ( ) and I'll be happy to help. I do plan to add support for more services, SendGrid is at the top of the list of possibilities.
  7. Suite

    You could probably do that with an external pages block already. Yes, "TFS" will allow you to leave feedback for different content that uses the built-in IPS4 'content' methods (this is chosen by the admin in the AdminCP). Classifieds does use this, so you can select it from the list of options. This will allow your users to specify a classifieds deal in which to leave feedback for.
  8. Fixed in 4.1.18
  9. 3.0.7 was release yesterday morning to address this.
  10. Suite

    As noted in the support ticket, it's fixed in 2.2.3 Check out the Marketplace listing
  11. I have an item on my todo list to improve processing of policy rejections (i.e. the suppression list). I had been in contact with SparkPost to request that they improve the API for this to include the exact reason why the user is on the suppression list (i.e. if they've previously had non-delivered email). Unfortunately, they won't make any changes so I'm working on alternatives to try and identify why the email address was supressed.
  12. Suite

    Hi, Sorry for the delay, I've been moving house & renovating. It'll be in the next version (which I haven't had a chance to work on yet). I would expect late October.
  13. This doesn't affect Mail Bouncer.
  14. Sorry, I have been "internetless" for a few days. I have responded to both tickets and pushed out an app update.
  15. Suite

    No, that isn't necessary. You will need to email and ask for the invoice to be re-issued though.