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  1. Sorry, I have been "internetless" for a few days. I have responded to both tickets and pushed out an app update.
  2. Suite

    No, that isn't necessary. You will need to email and ask for the invoice to be re-issued though.
  3. You are more than welcome to submit a support ticket here At a guess, it sounds like the issue could be with IPS4/Server instead of the application, but if you submit a ticket I can take a look at it.
  4. 3.1.3 is now available.
  5. Of course! Follow the instructions included, it is however as simple as uploading a file.
  6. Hey! How do you add the feedback system to be shown while members making posts?

    1. Strakks


      Can't reg an acount on your support site..

  7. Yes, it was updated minutes ago to correct the MapQuest issue.
  8. Hi, No, built in features in 4.1 replace the functionality that this app provided. Thanks,
  9. Suite

    Make sure your templates aren't outdated, a number of them were updated in this release.
  10. Suite

    Hi Guys, Sorry, I've been off work ill for the best part of the last week. I've just pushed an update with some bug fixes (and yes, the 'default' selection of the field is now 'positive'). I will get to any outstanding support tickets ASAP. Thanks Stuart
  11. I replied to your email, your spam filter is blocking your validation email. Not sure if you got the email from me either though.
  12. Suite

    Hi Jeff, Please use the ticket system at for technical support. Thanks Stuart
  13. Please use The site has been updated to IPS4 since the last update to the file. Submit a ticket on my support site
  14. Suite

    As @Gabriel Torres notes, if you need technical support, please submit a support ticket.
  15. @surinp3 is now live, however you probably should update to IPS, MemberMap 3.1.1 has some changes for 4.1.12.x