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  1. Is everyone posting about the slow response times on this forum or is it the same on their own forums? I have noticed my forum is extremely slow since the upgrade to 3.3.4 ... and it might be just me seems even slower since the security patch update.
  2. really likes IP.Content!

  3. ......
  4. Thanks Mark ... Is that the same concept for the support once the 2nd licence is obtained .. ie would I have to pay for support on the 2nd licence as well as the 1rst license to continue to get updates for both ...
  5. Thanks Mark ... Does the support for the board and components double as well in order to take advantage of upgrades on the second licence?
  6. Hi I currenlty have one active IPB licence for board, blog and gallery .. Can you advise if I choose to setup another forum and require a 2nd licence if I have to pay the full price for the 2nd licence or if there is a discount when purchasing multiple licenses? Thanks Dee