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  1. After I change themes and upgraded the custom field doesn't work anymore. I've already updated to latest T.template released.
  2. after I upgraded to 3.4.6 the template is gone and I tried installing the new updates by uploading, replacing all files but still template didn't show up. my forum skin is default.
  3. does anyone here have experience this? after I upgraded my forum to 3.4.6 my shoutbox didn't show up in main page and when I visit the shoutbox url in the tab and shout nothing is happening. I also check the setting everything is enabled.
  4. sadly. everything is perfect at my end except this move problem. Hopefully someone will at least give temporary solution about moving issue/topic.
  5. everything is fine except for this move issue. Is there any solution for this? at least temporary to move issue/topic
  6. is there any other settings for moderators to move the topic issue within the tracker but different subforum? because when I view the topic and click "Show moderation tools" nothing happens except the scrollup.
  7. O I see. got it fixed. thanks
  8. thanks I got it fixed by changing the correct permissions(Support>Diagnostics>Permissions Checker) however I found problem again for "Shouts display ordering" when viewing it doesn't affect the changes in popup. is it a bug?
  9. I've been doing the test all day searching for solutions I dunno what else to do I did reinstall many times, I did recac skins/modules/apps even doing the FAQ but still no luck edit: even uploading the issues in .js files from dev and from your FAQ still it didn't work take a look the file attach edit: how to resolve this problem take a look at the attached image
  10. They upgraded this the invisionb team to 3.3.3 before it was working on older versions except now. Is there any settings that I missed? Chmod?
  11. still same even recaching all and following faq still unaccessable in board index and the problem "no grp was passed....etc"
  12. also error "no grp was passed. Please try again" the problem is when you click the url settings within the overview for shoutbox but if you go in sys settings It work properly.
  13. Great it works. I did what you said but first need chmod 707 for cache/lang_cache/1 then under look&feel > manage language > rebuild from xml it really work. great support thank you. also let me ask something about difference between 777 and 707 which one is safe? edit: newbie question is there a way to enable shoutbox viewable in board index main page?
  14. After installing in 3.3.3 i got an empty details when viewing shoutbox settings for the grp pls check the attached file. how do I fixed it?
  15. Is there any documentations available for this? On how to use it? How to configure? at least a sample on how to create the template and see how it works once posted.