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  1. You have a lot of great helpful posts, you might as well join IPS staff!

  2. OMG, PayPal Subscriptions to the rescue!!! It looks like I will be buying IPB Nexus. :)
  3. I agree.
  4. Just upgraded my last VB powered site to IPB! Converting was easier than it was 5 years ago lol.

    1. #AC


      You can say that again. :D

  5. I, KingJames, say Rooney for Prime Minister.

  6. I was searching through these posts but I didn't find anything about having multiple messages showing to different groups. Example... Moderator group: THEY ONLY SEE Message 1 about BOB and Jenna. Admin Group: THEY ONLY SEE Message 2 about Cars and Bikes. Guest Group: THEY ONLY SEE Message 3 Charlie Sheen's best quotes. ...You get my idea I hope, lol is this something for the near future, I'd have to pay you or maybe there is something like this already(I have been hunting and failing). Anyway, thanks for the reply in advance.
  7. Cool. I'm wearing mine now hehe. What did you go for? MLG Legend here.

  8. lol better than expected -- Thanks for the hook up.

  9. Your Gunnar Optiks working well? ;)

  10. Can someone please just start importing VB 4.x skins to IPB with a membership type site(pay once a year) Please...

  11. @_@ we meet again...

  12. Excellent. I will be installing once it is released!!!
  13. :( Waiting for my IPB Coder to fix bugs so I can launch my web site, it's been about 4 months! I really need to learn how to code IPB mods. So pissed.

    1. VioAdmin


      Imagine working on a new version of your site for like 4 months only to find out during the last days of your launch, you have some critical bugs to fix. Coder is taking his sweet time to fix. Sigh...

    2. #AC


      Whats your site?

  14. I'll let the gang answer the rest of the questions. I will tackle the hardest, #3. Q. Is Ip.Subscriptions still available? A. Yes, it is still available. You gain access to this with a valid license in the Clients Downloads Area.