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  1. You have a lot of great helpful posts, you might as well join IPS staff!

  2. OMG, PayPal Subscriptions to the rescue!!! It looks like I will be buying IPB Nexus. :)
  3. I agree.
  4. Just upgraded my last VB powered site to IPB! Converting was easier than it was 5 years ago lol.

    1. #AC


      You can say that again. :D

  5. I, KingJames, say Rooney for Prime Minister.

  6. Cool. I'm wearing mine now hehe. What did you go for? MLG Legend here.

  7. lol better than expected -- Thanks for the hook up.

  8. Your Gunnar Optiks working well? ;)

  9. Can someone please just start importing VB 4.x skins to IPB with a membership type site(pay once a year) Please...

  10. @_@ we meet again...

  11. Excellent. I will be installing once it is released!!!
  12. :( Waiting for my IPB Coder to fix bugs so I can launch my web site, it's been about 4 months! I really need to learn how to code IPB mods. So pissed.

    1. VioAdmin


      Imagine working on a new version of your site for like 4 months only to find out during the last days of your launch, you have some critical bugs to fix. Coder is taking his sweet time to fix. Sigh...

    2. #AC


      Whats your site?

  13. I'll let the gang answer the rest of the questions. I will tackle the hardest, #3. Q. Is Ip.Subscriptions still available? A. Yes, it is still available. You gain access to this with a valid license in the Clients Downloads Area.
  14. This is great! I can't wait to get this.