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  1. have anyone tried out php alpha 7.1 ? it comes with server push support. curiuous if it has any further performance gain in real world situation
  2. announcement has it perks for its ability be shown globally or in specific areas. My members has the tendency of not reading the site rules when they register the site. So thats why i added rules in the announcement for the the cvisibility sake. Should be pretty common among other boards pretty much what adriano said. was it highly requested that we wanted border color posts or was it just a decision that you thought we would like? if you have read in pasts we requested usergroup permission several times in the pasts and always got told its not in the plans.
  3. agree 100 times. Why dont you allow us to restrict announcement. Example we have site rules that are aimed specifically for our members. why should guest even need to read that?
  4. it does look promising feature. would like to hear some input from ips staff aswell i really doubt i did this correctly but i edited templates on includecss to add this because my site is using cloudflare too. <link rel='stylesheet' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY )"}' media='all' rel='preload' as='stylesheet'>
  5. @onlyME when quicksearch cant find anything can you make it show a msg saying "No results" to make it more easier to understand that by users that its not something wrong with the quick search itself
  6. if you are using php 7 then this is the reason
  7. please bring back the feature from 3.x this for when you post topic, post topic reply, file comments, blog comments etc, this is to avoid any useless short spams. make it specific character requirement for each app .
  8. 4.x you no longer have forum posts on profile here in forum. insted its called content count where its a combined posts of forum posts, file review, file comments, file uploads, status post, status comment, blog comments, blog submission, calendar submission etc. What i suggest was that you seperate forum posts from content count so we have forum post count again on forum. so when user see their profile or user profile from topic left side they see content count and forum posts
  9. is it possible you can add feature where you seperate content count from forum posts? i would rather reward my members accesing a area for posting forum than posting thanks on file review just to increase their content count etc
  10. he helped me optimize an outdated config of mysql and fpm. it helped with the server load alot. Fast responses and he has work dedication. if something isnt working correctly he would check and investigate. He is not like those typical hourly rated sysadmin you find on who count by the hours and stop communicating after hours has been reached.
  11. have you tried this yet?
  12. will your mod support ipdownload screenshots?
  13. same with a topic that got multiple pages and if theres new reply, u always get directed to first post of the topic . i dont like this change
  14. on storage configuration i get an error trying to change different storage path Fatal error: Call to a member function count() on array in /home/user/public_html/forum/applications/favicons/extensions/core/FileStorage/Favicons.php on line 36