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  1. I'm not aware of any common problems like that. Do you use IPS Pages as well? Can you PM me admin access to take a look? http://privnote.com/
  2. I don't know. Nobody has answered my questions about whether it's still an ongoing issue. As far as I know, IPS 4.1.13 fixed it. I haven't heard otherwise.
  3. I don't know what is adding that prefix for you on the sidebar, but it's not my app. AT&P never had that functionality until this last release. Look at your plugins or theme customizations and disable whatever is responsible.
  4. Ach. Must be a side-effect of the text wrapping issue I fixed. I'll have to see if there's an alternate class/approach I can use to fix that, or something I can coopt to add a little margin back in. I'm trying really hard to avoid any actual custom styles.
  5. There was when you bought it. Removed it a while later, that change isn't retroactive though. I generated a new purchase for you.
  6. I've published an update to resolve all of the compatibility problems I'm aware of. If you have a problem, please update. If that doesn't fix it, explain what's going on. I do not have Pages, and I have not gotten any confirmation of whether the Pages conflict is still occurring, so that issue may still be out there. If so, I'll need access to someone's site to investigate. Last I hear, though, it may be a non-issue now. What's New in Version 3.1.7 Fixed tag overriding prefix when the same value is added as both. Fixed style changes in IPS 4.1.13 breaking multi-word prefixes. Fixed template changes in IPS 4.1.13 breaking display of prefixes on site index. Fixed potential errors with applying prefixes from saved actions. Fixed tag/prefix changes from saved actions not updating the search index (profile, activity stream, search results). Fixed possible division-by-zero error on the tag cloud widget. Added prefix to core topic widgets. A few issues I could not reproduce: Prefix not showing on grid view (works for me) Prefix input not displaying when creating a topic, with forum in prefix-only mode. (works for me) Homepage topic feed widget -> topic titles not linking when a prefix is present. (This must have been something custom; AT&P didn't add any such thing until, well now.) Fair warning: Most of the app will probably still work back to 4.0.0, but I will not guarantee backwards compatibility across the board anymore. It's just not worth the trouble with how frequently (and massively) things change from one release to the next. If you're running an old IPB version and you have an issue with an AT&P update, I'm going to tell you to update.
  7. I'm aware, actually looking into it right now. Still trying to figure out what they actually changed on me to cause this. e: found it. They added a bunch of ipsContained classes and table layout styles that are screwing up the work breaks.
  8. Please clarify. What problems? The Pages settings issue I asked about?
  9. Does anyone still have the Pages DB saving problem after upgrading to 4.1.13? I heard rumors that the update might fix it. I don't have it to test myself.
  10. Others have reported the same. I'll be looking into it.
  11. 4.1.13, or earlier?
  12. I'll look into these issues. May not be until this weekend.
  13. What version of IPB? Do you have prefixes enabled under Posting settings? Is your group allowed to use them?
  14. That happens because there isn't enough variety in your tag cloud (they all have the same occurrences). As soon as one tag occurs more than the rest, the error will go away. I'll fix that for next release.