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  1. Okay... frankly, I have no idea what happened to cause that for you, and I can't reproduce it anymore. I think it must have been an incorrect or out-of-date cache of some kind. I did two things: On ACP > Applications, I clicked 'Set as default app' on forums, even though it was already selected. I created a 'Welcome' page, and set that as the default page for Easypages. I think #1 probably made the difference. You can undo/delete #2 if you'd like. If you can still reproduce the issue, let me know. You'll probably need to submit a ticket with IPS if so (like, 'why is a non-default app being loaded as my default app?').
  2. I work a full-time job. I have other responsibilities. I am not ignoring you, I just have not had time to investigate yet following your PM. Please be patient.
  3. Is Easy Pages set as your default application? The error suggests you do not have any default page set for the application. That's in the Easy Pages settings.
  4. I missed the notification in the midst of several others at the same time. I have not received any message from you. Frankly, I haven't touched 3.x in years, and you haven't given me much info in terms of what is actually wrong. If you can PM me ACP and FTP login details, though, I'll see what I can do. Send any creds via https://privnote.com
  5. Got it. Yes, that should work as expected. Understood, thanks. I'll look into it for the next update, but otherwise, unless you see something break, you can disregard the "DB errors" the support tool reports. The support tool is known (notorious) for misinterpreting the database schema, writing it one way and then reading it as something different, when it's actually the same. Evidently they changed something about it in 4.1.14, and this was a side effect.
  6. They should work there as well. If not, let me know. Are you actually getting errors on your site? Or just when you run the support tool? If on your site, I need to see your error logs.
  7. Hi there, would you please take a look at this post?

    I´ll be waiting feedback, thanks.

  8. No, not easily. You could do it in the database, but that's not ideal.
  9. Why would those URLs return 404s? Are they 404 pages? They shouldn't be. You didn't give any real URLs, so I can't exactly see for myself. At any rate, those are all core pages, part of the IPS suite itself, so you should try contacting IPS support if this is an issue.
  10. Global 'Posting' settings, turn 'force tags to lowercase' to 'no'.
  11. I don't think so. The mass-add tool only covers Forums, and I don't think Downloads has saved actions.
  12. I don't have anything underway except minor fixes. As I noted two posts above yours, I don't have an established release schedule.
  13. I typically do them as the need arises, when the number of outstanding fixes hits a critical mass. Can be a while. We'll see though.
  14. It would require a hook at minimum. May or may not be involved beyond that. If that's a core widget, I'll look at it for next release.
  15. Thanks. If the CSSdisplay modes allow it...yeah, that would be an easy fix. I can do roughly the same change from the app. Will see about that for next update.