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  1. Okay. Are you planning to upgrade in the future? You'll probably have the same issue then if so.
  2. Under Advanced Tools, there's a 'recache tags' tool. You may need to run that. There's also a separate 'rebuild search index' feature in core IPS that you could try running. Yes, it is compatible with the latest IPB version. Applications don't have to be updated for every single release. Yes, you will have to purchase separately for IPS 4.
  3. Probably for the same reason. Hmm. Can you delete them?
  4. Looks like the tag is getting reencoded with each loop. space = %2B; % = %25. It shouldn't do that, but I'll have to look into why. Thanks for the report. For what it's worth, your actual number is probably far less than 1000 pages. Most of those will be blank. IPS bug.
  5. I don't do release tests, but assume yes unless anyone indicates otherwise.
  6. Okay. Can you PM me ACP and FTP access to investigate? I don't have Pages to see it myself. Please send any creds via https://privnote.com for security.
  7. They're slightly mistaken, in that I never changed anything. My impression is it broke in one IPS update, and got fixed in another. If it's broken again, what IPS version are you running?
  8. Were you able to get it worked out, or do you still need help?
  9. There's a section in advanced settings in the ACP to change FURL templates. That's what my explanation was referring to. I don't have an ACP handy to tell you exactly where that is -- but if you point IPS toward this and my message above, they should be able to help.
  10. If you're not comfortable applying the fix, you can just wait until the next release. It'll be fixed then. In the mean time, ignore those three errors. Nothing is actually wrong with your site, and nothing is broken because of them. The only problem is with the support tool database checker seeing things as incorrect when they aren't.
  11. Good call. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks. Your site should be patched now. For anyone else, you can pretty much just change the pages/{@page} FURL template to pages/p-{@page} (or any other static text in the second part) to work around the issue. That will mean all of your page URLs change, though; for the moment, that's unavoidable.
  13. The part where I do respond and then don't hear a thing for half a week isn't helping to resolve this quickly either.
  14. Yes, in my application code. No, it would not be overwritten by updating IPS. Look, I don't know what to say to you. I've told you repeatedly that you need to have some patience (again, I cannot respond to everything in a matter of hours); I've explained the situation and how this issue is largely out of my control right now; and I asked for access to your site to work around the issue for you four days ago. You have yet to provide that access, so I am not sure how you expect me to do anything.
  15. It will require a number of code changes.