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  1. Problem was fixed by IPS suppor team . My Downloads system is working again
  2. Of course I will do but I lost my trust in any update/upgrade of IPS4.
  3. After upgrade to IPS4 my Downloads system with more than 20k files doesn't work and Tracker is out of business . So...what the f..... ?!?
  4. so no chance to recover somehow ?
  5. so the tracker will work now only if we use the IP.Content or how ???? I moved my board 3.4.7 to 4.0.7 and I've been really surprised to see that my bug tracker disappeared with all the content
  6. ​I really like the app so I'm waiting to have it also in IPS4 Thanks Pete
  7. there is any update for IPS4 for this app ? thanks.
  8. ​is the same for me. I will look to unsubscribe / un-follow ...etc. if this will not stop the multiple emails, it will end in a spam report!
  9. there is any way for users to cancel/ edit their subscription ?
  10. I haven't found any settings for revert to original group when the member become active again. do we have this kind of feature ? they will automatically revert to original member when the users becomes active ?
  11. this will check only the login users or will search on the entire members database ?
  12. I hope you will include Ad Code integration for all other IPB apps (I really want for IP Downloads:) ). I think everyone will like this since keeping a board is not just for fun and we invest time and money. if my board is producing only traffic but no money is not useful at all. I renounced to use IP Gallery since wasn't able to produce any $$$ so I have no problem to skip to other more cash attracting scripts. If Downloads continue to be non-profitable will have the same future like the Gallery for me. regarding IP Content , I want to buy it ...but without a real good WYSIWYG editor I will prefer to continue with joomla :)
  13. my server really don't like CentOS :) so I'm running Suse (SLES) also I have a huge difference for unixbench points between Centos and SUSE
  14. how funny :) a lot of peoples tried to meet a promotion of an unknown product :) sincerely I want to see a demo before to buy something even to pay. or the new trend is to pay to become beta tester ?
  15. very good point of view. I tried to say the same thing but choosing the hard way and I name it "point system" . :) the reputation system looks to be used just for fun if we can't assign a specific value for it (like you said, downloads, shop, etc)