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  1. You are showing in the Clients group. I'd suggest logging out and then back in again, this can re-sync your account in some cases. If it should persist after this and you're using the same credentials as the ones you used to purchase, as others have indicated please submit a ticket (if you are able to do this) or email if not. Thank you.
  2. There was a third party hook for the 3x series that offered this, It was called "Dead topic protection" (or very similar) Basically a warning/note box would appear next to the reply window warning the poster they were about to reply to an ancient topic. The 'age of topic to show a warning' was obviously adjustable as an admin setting. I'm not immediately aware of an IPS4 version of said file though.
  3. As requested: [Makoto] (Editor) Message Box
  4. You'll need to email marketplace@invisionpower about this please, as I indicated above.
  5. I had a report on this file stating it was 120 not 121 although a cursory glance at versions.json shows it to be correct at 1.2.1. I did not install it to test it I merely looked inside the .tar to check.
  6. I'm not sure if I can just provide you with it (I can see you have access to it , or did though so there's no issue with that) I'll check for you, the only reason is I do not want to end up where we provide 'delisted' files as such so I need to really check this first. Thank you for your patience. It may be easier for you to simply email and ask for this
  7. Its still present but de-listed at the request of the author. Its actually discussed here by the author but that link I do not think you'll be able to see as its the contributor forum. Are you having issues with the file as such or did you just need it again ?
  8. I'm not involved in Support via the client area however from your quotes it "appears" the issues you raised relate to End Of Life products (past their support expiry) , third party items and server configuration questions. I apologise if I have misread your post. I would however recommend if you are ever unhappy with responses from a support technician to a support request or feel the issue is not being answered to your satisfaction please say this in the ticket and ask for it to be escalated.
  9. I will chase this for you. Can you please confirm if you received (or not) the automated "thank you for contacting us" type reply to your initial email ? I'll contact you via PM with any information I have. I'd not call it supportive as such, I just have to stop and look at things from "both sides" as such. I simply meant that once all the other "without access" options are exhausted then the author is limited in any further assistance. I've never directly advised anyone to "hand over their keys" as such to their site to anyone.
  10. As I mentioned in my post above, if you are are unable to provide access (and from what I read, the author has exhausted all other options and no one else seems to be able to produce this issue) then support is limited. It will be a decision of Management regarding your refund request however as once it goes to the email its out of my hands.
  11. OK. Please allow a few days (excluding weekends) for a reply. If you've not heard anything back after a reasonable time, feel free to ask me to chase it up for you (just fire a PM at me) if needed.
  12. Its not unheard of for an author to request temporary access to help them solve a problem for a client with a purchased file, especially if they are not able to reproduce it either on their own 'test site' and/or have not seen it happen on other clients sites either. Obviously it is completely your free choice if you wish to give them (or not give them) that access to do this to hopefully assist you It is slightly difficult to check/support a file however without access, and for say 'official support' for an IPS product, its stated in the the Standards that support would be limited etc in this case (note this is 'official products' I'm speaking of here) so having read the last two pages of this topic, I feel the author may of exhausted all the sensible options available to her without recourse to 'access' Regarding your request, I'm assuming you've submitted an email for this ? Please contact me via a PM if you are not sure what is needed for this.
  13. Its been approved now.
  14. From the comments / reviews (not verified) Will ask commenter to post here.