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  1. Dear Developers

    Speaking strictly as a client: @superj707I do see what you're saying. However this is something to consider when electing to use any third party file, be it a theme, plugin, application or other, in that if you do need assistance from the author for it then occasionally depending on what the issue is they may need to request access. Obviously you are completely and utterly within your rights to not give them any access at all and I can fully, completely understand that although I also understand in such cases their support may be limited in what they can offer "working blind" as such. Sometimes they might be able to give you some debug code or additional steps to throw out some information that may assist but I do as I put above very clearly see both sides to this as you may have confidential information to protect or such information may be covered by various NDA's or suchlike. This is before even considering any legal requirements of data access or things such as 'data protection rules / acts' into account either. I guess it boils down to partly a matter of trust and partly to what requirements (both legal and say conscience) are present. or to put it another way "If I install this third party file and I am unlucky enough to have issues we (we being the author and the site admin etc) are unable to solve 'as is' can I allow a third party access or not?" As you know not all issues are going to *need* third party access, it may be as simple as awaiting an update from the author for perhaps a "known but rare issue that only happens if you also have third party file x present too" or they may have a suggestion on what the likely cause is such as say another way of configuring the applications settings to rectify it, the later is only really likely with complex, large apps however I suspect. One idea I have seen suggested in the past is to install a test board and install all the apps you have on the "live" board on that, so in effect you have a copy of your live board but minus the members and their data and if the issue happens there too, perhaps allow the author some kind of limited ACP access to that. You would also be able to setup for instance restricted FTP if they required filesystem access but again it boils down to trust. I realise this is not exactly ideal either for various reasons. I do not immediately see an "easy idea or solution" to this although I shall follow this topic with much interest as this subject has come up before in the past. The 'remote viewing' is a good thought although if it was strictly viewing only then it may not be ideal however it is I feel in some cases possibly better than static screenshots. Speaking as a Marketplace Mod: Talking of files containing things they should not: I do look at new files for anything that should not be there, and they are tested in a decently "sandboxed" environment. If someone did upload a file **purposely** containing malicious code then I would not hesitate to have their upload permissions revoked. Speaking generally about files: If there are any 'concerns' (for want of a better word) about a submission in our Marketplace then I'm happy to be contacted about said file and I'll download and examine it if required. Regarding actual testing of files, apart from the obvious such as making sure "it does what it says on the tin" as such, there are other smaller tasks too, for example to check that it is not causing unwanted issues with other addons (files are tested with all official apps present and active) as well as reading any documentation provided in both the file description, any "readme" type files in the submission itself and more minor items such as checking the screenshots match the file.
  2. The changes I mentioned came about from client feedback. The 'featured' files have been refreshed just now anyway as I mentioned above.
  3. As far as I'm aware its been that way for a long time. There are some changes however detailed here in a previous news entry regarding the "number of featured files to show" as such.
  4. You do need to refresh the page to get it to change. I do see that as a guest it does not quite offer the same 'selection' but that could be intentional, but refreshing the page a couple of times did show me different files when logged in at least. There are quite a few 'featured' files given its set at four per 'slide' as such. They are actually due for me to refresh them this weekend.
  5. Watermarks

    A PM ? Can you "reply" to it to bring it to the top of my list if you did please. If you emailed and have not heard back, send me a PM with a couple of details please.
  6. Watermarks

    I have replied to your PM.
  7. Minimized Quote

    Speaking as a client not as staff: They sometimes say the simpler ideas are the best, and this is one of them. Works very well and does "exactly what it says on the tin"
  8. Its debatable if 'Visitors' do need messenger access. Obviously this is a Management decision.I can however see reasons for and against them having said access. I'm surprised to read thought that you think people would just "hand over" files ? , I would of thought if a PM arrived in someone's inbox asking for a file the first thought would be "why don't you just download it yourself ?"
  9. It should go without saying really that if anyone asks in a PM for files from the Marketplace they should not be given them. Simply either delete or ignore the PM. If it becomes an issue (which seems unlikely) then you could either report it or add me if you wish to the message, although I'll usually post a reply explaining why 'visitors' have no download access.
  10. Moved to Company Feedback
  11. Topic Viewed by Users

    I'm usually here at the weekend so that's not a big issue. File checked and approved. Thank you for your consideration though with time and days etc that is greatly appreciated.
  12. Client area access

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with this. If it should persist you can always use the form here to speak to a member of the support / accounts team who will be able to assist you.
  13. Looking for help

    Please login with the same credentials you used to purchase our software then you'll be in the Client or Members groups. I'll then be able to point you in the right direction. Thank you.
  14. I would speculate this is because not all admins are moderators. For an example if you hired a designer to work on your live site and gave them admin access to do their work for you, you'd probably not want them to have any moderator control on the front end...