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  1. Regarding support: You are naturally well within your rights to not allow the author access to your community, either a login or filesystem access etc. However you must bear in mind that this will limit their ability to help you if they have a need for access. This is not dissimilar to say requesting 'official' support via the Client Area for say a Gallery problem but not providing any form of access to said site. Its obviously your call if you wish to allow the author or not, all I can say is as I've already put it does limit their options to assist without being able to 'see' the problem first hand. One option here is perhaps if you can duplicate this issue is to setup a 'test site' and when the issue is present there, provide access to that ?
  2. The review on this file was approved a while ago (actually before I read this topic IIRC) Regarding the concerns I'll look into this for you. A direct message to myself may of been easier than a public topic however, but that's obviously your choice.
  3. The reason I did not mention that topic was simply as the Client I quoted initially (bradl) does not have the contrib flag so it would be unlikely they could see it.
  4. You'd need to speak to the author about this to determine its current / future availability.
  5. Best to use the Support Topic for assistance.
  6. The file is in the 3x category, 3x files will not work with 4x and vice-versa... You are welcome to contact me to discuss this if you wish.
  7. You are best to email with your concerns about this. Normally, I'd typically suggest contacting me when there is a problem with a file and I will try to find a solution or recommend a course of action, however as you've posted your thoughts / comments already my "part" is not needed for this. Please email the above address with your concerns (allow a few days for a reply) Thank you.
  8. Concerns are dealt with promptly. If you have any specific concerns you are welcome to contact me directly via PM. Be aware I do not monitor the support topics directly all the time as that is not terribly practical however if there are any concerns brought to my attention either via reporting a post / file or otherwise I will look into it.
  9. Having slightly tidied this topic up, I still feel it will only continue in a downward spiral so I see little choice but to close it for now.
  10. There is a support topic for this legacy (3x only) file if you require assistance:
  11. I'd think if there was a pressing need to upload a file or have an edit performed (say for example the client wishes to add some lines to a .htaccess file) then I'd recommend a support ticket to be opened and a technician may be able to assist with this...
  12. It (should!) be OK now, hopefully anyway. It was a minor issue here.
  13. I've removed two posts from this topic as there's no need to allow a support topic to descend to what is not far off insulting. Lets try to keep it civil. Thank you.
  14. I'm slightly confused. Are you saying you cannot update your file with Edge/Chrome etc and only with Firefox ? And / Or that you cannot download with certain browsers ? I only have Firefox to hand (as I type this) but I can check with the other browsers later today. If you can tell me which / any / all are the issues I'll look into this. It does download with Firefox 47x without issue.
  15. I am happy to edit these (and have done previously on request) if its appropriate to reflect the file description. This is about the same as if they were 'auto generated' as it would update the topic to match.