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  1. I remember the 5.25 floppy drives, I'm not really 'old' enough to have used the previous (usually 8271 controller based IIRC?) eight's though. They were a bit noisey and slow and it was a pain having to put them back into a protective sleeve (for those who do not know, the magnetic media 'window' is permanently exposed on the 5.25 floppy discs) I did have a Winchester 30mb drive at one point about 4 years ago in a case the same size as a 'top loading' VCR. Despite its age it did work. I'm attaching two pics, sorry about the quality of them but they are not recent. I cannot do new ones as I do not have these drives now. Left / Front: Laptop 2.5 SATA HHD 500GB Middle: Desktop 3.5 IDE HDD 120GB Right / Rear: Desktop 5.25 double height (so its the same height as two dvd/bd drives stacked) SCSI HDD , all 10MB of it...
  2. I remember the acoustic modems although we did not have a home phone back then :/ , twas at a friends house. I do remember tape backups and things, I still use emulated versions of these now for my retro computing 'fun'
  3. A PM ? Can you "reply" to it to bring it to the top of my list if you did please. If you emailed and have not heard back, send me a PM with a couple of details please.
  4. I have replied to your PM.
    Speaking as a client not as staff: They sometimes say the simpler ideas are the best, and this is one of them. Works very well and does "exactly what it says on the tin"
  5. It was requested a while back for some ACP screenshots, although I do have them all still I need to go through them and hopefully I'll sort out a permanent "home" for them. In the mean time, here are screenshots from each version of the initial ACP 'Dashboard' 1.0.1 / 1.3.1 / 2.0.0 / 2.1.7 / 2.2.0 / 2.3.6 / 3.0.5 / 3.1.4 / 3.2.3
  6. Ah yes that forum is long gone now, there are some on the archive however. These include the ACP as well as things like profile / control panel / messenger. Unfortunately, the earlier ones appear to be awol. I do have the .zip's of the images archived away though and I can probably dig them out if anyone wants to see them.
  7. Its debatable if 'Visitors' do need messenger access. Obviously this is a Management decision.I can however see reasons for and against them having said access. I'm surprised to read thought that you think people would just "hand over" files ? , I would of thought if a PM arrived in someone's inbox asking for a file the first thought would be "why don't you just download it yourself ?"
  8. It should go without saying really that if anyone asks in a PM for files from the Marketplace they should not be given them. Simply either delete or ignore the PM. If it becomes an issue (which seems unlikely) then you could either report it or add me if you wish to the message, although I'll usually post a reply explaining why 'visitors' have no download access.
  9. Moved to Company Feedback
  10. For me, it was similar to when we first moved to version 3 from version 2. Similar feelings. I do not really recall the same happing as such for 1x to 2x although I do remember 2x was eagerly awaited way back then... I remember well the first public v3 beta where a large number of the community here participated in the initial product and provided valuable feedback. For for random example: The messenger in 3x when the downloadable beta was released compared to what was in the initial public IPS hosted beta.
  11. I'm usually here at the weekend so that's not a big issue. File checked and approved. Thank you for your consideration though with time and days etc that is greatly appreciated.
  12. Vaguely remember using what was Prestel / Micronet at a friends house a few times in the mid 80's ( does that count? ), it was quite similar to what was "Teletext" at that time. There was not a great deal to see or do though with it, the 'telesoftware' downloads did not appear to work. My own 'internet' as such was around 1996, obviously dial-up.
  13. I concur with this, very similar situation. I started with the Sinclair (branded as Timex to those 'across the pond') range though. BBC's you say ? I still have some and still use them on occasion: Old pic but I'd just dumped a few items onto the spare room floor to test them at that moment in time. IIRC that was setup as an Econet server hence the excess 'black boxes' and wiring... Things are a bit better these days now you can use USB sticks for storage purposes (well kind of) too...