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  1. I am happy to edit these (and have done previously on request) if its appropriate to reflect the file description. This is about the same as if they were 'auto generated' as it would update the topic to match.
  2. Suite

    That is a temporary issue here. Sorry for the inconvenience. I've left an internal note about this, so hopefully it will be resolved soon.
    The file is fine, I've just verified it. Please try a different browser temporarily.
  3. There was a time (IIRC) when it was only available to those who had an active licence so at the moment its relatively "open" as-is, the same as the majority of support forums here.
  4. I think if it tried to "lock" it on permanently so the member could not turn it off, I would not of approved it and would of have to consulted Management about it first. As it stands it simply checks that option by default (and hides the checkbox) however it is explained on that page (see screenshot on the file itself) that you can turn it off and where to do this so I did not see a great issue with it.
  5. I wanted to point out that a new member is able to disable this choice by editing their preferences after registration if required, which is sensible. If it was a permanent 'lock' then their would potentially be some ethical issues.
  6. Its OK it was a 'PM Spammer' , it will show 'deleted' now or no message as they were flagged as such which has removed their spam content. Bear in mind here the "Visitor" group is what would be on most communities the "Member" group, ie: those who have registered and validated their account.
  7. File approved & link fixed.
    Works perfectly just like the 3x version did.
  8. You're very welcome.
  9. I see three on your screenshot. so (again, this *may* vary as I do not have access to verify your account myself) it appears to be that the first one shown is a standard license. The other two are 'legacy' ones. Generally they can be changed to the newer type but there are some factors involved here that mean its not a simple yes/no answer unfortunately, it depends on a few things. So that would be (again, as I see it) three 'installs' , one 'normal' and two 'life' , the life ones would be restricted to the 34x series (or lower) , they would not stop working when 34x is completely EOL you just would not be able to use a newer supported version with them unless they were changed to be a newer type. I'm sorry if this post seems slightly confusing, its not my intention. Its just that without seeing your account information I cannot answer with 100% accuracy so I have to really reply with semi-generic answers. Customer Service / Accounts however *will* be able to tell you 100% what the situation is. Did you send the screenshots in your ticket reply ? Databases: You cannot use a 34x database 'as is' on IPS4 no, it would need to be upgraded. This would be a bit like trying to use a 23x database on 3x (or vice versa) the database needs to match the file version.
  10. I'm sure a member of Accounts/Customer Service will be able to help you. Thank you for your patience.
  11. Hello, The recent reply by a staff member in this topic may be of assistance.
  12. The 'normal' suite licence when renewed (in 99% of cases) would give access to IPS4. The perpetual/lifetime would not. In your screenshot, the first "package" are you not able to download IPS4 ? I do have both types actually. Purely to hopefully assist you, this is what I see when I view as a Client. I should point out the only reason I still have a 'life' one is simply and only for QA purposes as I can use it to verify items on the 34x series regarding legacy type keys. And it offers 3x and IPS4: This is a legacy type 'life' license, note the empty (missing) 'renew' area: And it only offers the 3x series: What I would simply suggest is if you feel there is a discrepancy (which would be very unlikely) then please post your screenshots you've posted here into your ticket so the member of staff assisting you can see what you see and then verify it again. Please ask for it to be escalated to a member of Management however if you are unhappy with this. From your screenshot the first (appears) to be a normal licence (although I cannot determine the type only accounts will be able to do that) the second two are legacy lifetime ones as indicated by that word at the end of the key string itself.