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  1. Would it be possible to defer the javascript to just before the </body> tag, if this setting is enabled in the theme settings? Right now, this is my only render-blocking javascript with google pagespeed. Thanks!
  2. I like the idea. Your ads become less attractive for advertisers for CPM campaigns if they have a very low visibility, which is what will happen if you just wrap it in css tags setting the div to display: none, instead of not loading the code at all. I would also like to have an opportunity to manage this from the server side. My income has dropped substantially since IPB4. Visitors are about the same, no ajax page loads, but revenue is just half of what it used to be.
    Works like a charm!
  3. @Adriano Faria You're the best!
  4. Thanks for the link, will do so.
  5. In the activity stream: If you've read a topic, and click the title, it will bring you to the first post instead of the last. Is that something you could add? I know that you can change the setting in the ACP streams for unread topics, but then for read topics, the behaviour is wrong.
  6. Obrigado!
  7. Let me illustrate this. It regards this category setting in the quizzes app. If I create a new quiz, it will create a topic with [GO]This is a quiz. I would like a space to be between [GO] and 'This', but if I add a space after '[GO]' in the topic prefix setting below, it doesn't save that space.
  8. Awesome, very much appreciated!
  9. Apologies for spamming this topic, but I am exploring all the options so that I maximize the use of the quizzes app: If I add a prefix to a discussion topic and I want a space between the prefix and the topic title, it doesn't let me. Can I fix this by adding &nbsp; instead of a space in the prefix field?
  10. Ah - I see. Thanks!
  11. Something else - minor thing -: When I have the quiz takers add a post to the discussion topic automatically and they edit the post, the formatting of the post disappears. Is this something you can fix easily? Unedited post: Edited post:
  12. It got stuck after I sent a notification to myself for testing. I have one sent out now for testing to all my members. I have also the 'quizzes' app installed from Adriano. It does show this in the custom notifications settings. Not sure what it means though.
  13. This may be related: I have this in my admin dashboard: Any solution on how to fix this? I have a cron job running for background tasks.
  14. Awesome!