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  1. Thanks for finding this and reporting! Let me look into this.
  2. Yes, it works with the built in tags of IPS. It uses that system. I have not checked it with advance tags and prefixes - but I think that uses the same system, so it would make sense if it worked together.
  3. Nope, I don't have a license for it. However, if you would buy it if it does, I may look into it?
  4. I see it showing up in my own custom theme, so must be something theme-related. Can you pm me a link to your site, so I can have a look and see if I can figure out what is going wrong?
  5. Thank you Lindy, looking forward to what you come up with!
  6. Let me check if I can reproduce this on a custom theme myself... hold on
  7. Just reading back this topic - have we seen any further consideration of this point? I think it is still very valid.
  8. This is something I would like to see too. We do some clean up of old topics every now and then, but we stopped with that, because of SEO reasons...
  9. I have a forum where that would actually be the case. How about if you could link the uploads of a forum to a particular category or album in the gallery (as a forum setting), so that you can set the appropriate permissions there? I would like to force the images into the gallery, because I feel that is the appropriate area to have them, so I would disable or hide option to not link the image to the gallery. By the way, can't a user set the permissions in its gallery itself?
  10. @chilihead has some nice suggestions in that other topic on how to deal with not having the gallery app.
  11. I think these two posts above summarize quite well and in good detail how I would think the integration would be done elegantly. +1 (or more if I could give more )
  12. Will send you a PM later today. Thanks!
  13. I'm on IPS 4.1.7 with Thumbnail 1.1.4 already...
  14. Looks good!
  15. I've just installed the gallery app to see how this could work out for my forums. I have a lot of topics that are 'what did you eat today' or 'show your new purchases' in which members post pictures. Asking them to first upload that to a gallery, then go back to the topic and insert it as an image is just too much hassle if you look at it from a user perspective. Of course as admins, we would want them to do that, but reality is that people are used to post image links or just add a photo from their smart phone and dump it in a topic. I would really like to be able to curate this content (even have a setting that would allow me to download images from external links and add them to my own media database). For instance to be able to display a masonry grid with all images posted in the forum. Showing off this content is a great visual and appealing way to show off forum content, which may then again drive visitors etc. I am not sure whether the gallery app in its current form is the way to go for me (at least, I do not see the use case), now that the forum topics are really used as the content container. I think this is a great topic, looking forward to hear your views on gallery / image content curation and the forum software.