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    Re-uploaded, try now
  2. You have great themes on your site and I am looking forward for buying one of them, not sure which one I should choose and it's a thing about money, needs a bit of time. How did you come to the IPS and what's the thing you really like about it?

  3. You and other users can edit your templates if you wish. It's a temporary solution
  4. It explains in the article. You need to enable it from the group settings. I'm making improvements in the next release as to how this feature looks with my themes.
  5. It's an issue my side. Ignore it for now and I'll have it fixed in the next release. You should still have the latest changes
  6. Yes, this plugin is broken with IPS 4.1.13 due to a bug in the core software. Unfortunately, that is out of my control. Hang tight until 4.1.14 which I guess will be released fairly soon
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Now compatible with
  9. Now compatible with
  10. Now compatible with
  11. Now compatible with
  12. Now compatible with
  13. Now compatible with
  14. Yes it will scale the logo proportionately.
  15. I've spent a lot more time than I wanted researching the 500 error and it turns out it's an issue with IPS4. The breadcrumb template hooks are causing the 500 error. I've submitted a bug report and ticket and will update you all ASAP.