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  1. Had the same issue show up as an email.... clicked the IPS return - Nothing there... Go back to email - DELETE! Fixed.
  2. From the designers point of view the work load is much greater per theme. There is the main theme, Responsiveness that have to work with all systems Desktop, laptop, tablets and an array of phones. Now add in the Admin panel that uses the front end templates and css files. These have to work side by side with each other without issue. And lets not forget the editor.... So by the time this is all said and done you have 4 to 5 themes rather than the one from yesterdays technology. So I can just only imagine what the developers like @Adriano Faria and @Mike John have to go through. And lets not forget the support both developers and designers need to keep on top of.
  3. There back to a younger me, a little mysterious and less frightening.

  4. Don't care for any of them to be honest they all have their serious issues. But for theme development I use Firefox Developers edition, no need for firebug or any other plugins to hamper things.
  5. Though while driving anyone in the vehicle is considered a captive audience..... So far everyone claims to like my music and singing voice...... At 100 mph
  6. I hate lipsync.... Hard to hear myself when I have a CD running.... LOL!!!!!!! Then Again Then nor would anyone else and with some that may go in my favor....
  7. Except where he says " Well I finally made 40 and still wearing jeans" I changed to "Well I finally passed 50 and still wearing jeans" My favorite guitar riff completely took the audience by storm
  8. Never could stand the noise.... I have a simple philosophy on this.... If the melody is good, all the instruments can be heard and the words tell a story worth remembering then it is music.
  9. Well seeing you are bringing up a blast from the past @kar3n2 from 68' and 71' here is one that was popular in 62' Old AM radios and black & white televisions. Not everyone had or knew about FM or color....
  10. If they are typing it wrong in the first place they have 3 choices, 1. After 3 wrong attempts they have a 3 minute wait before trying again which can also be altered by an admin for less or more wait time. 2. They can follow the instructions for a "Lost Password". 3. They can ask an admin to reset it with a temporary password. One thing people forget and that is to change their passwords periodically.... This has been Good security sense from the beginning of the internet. So I would think twice before using any application that required same passwords.
  11. That can be done inside the ACP as well without Google if we are talking 2 separate IPB sites. But if on the same site why would there be a need for 2 accounts in the first place?
  12. There is no need to remote into a clients computer for this... All you need to do is access their account and change the password to a temporary PW then notify the individual(s) of the temporary PW.... I would also advise them to change it as soon as possible with a new one of their own
  13. Can you imagine the Pandora box this would open had any admin with these permissions left a site without logging out? Hackers are getting into systems easy enough as it is without giving them the keys to an unlocked door. As stated you can always login at the member if need be without the vulnerability of password view.
  14. Since when has an IPS Tool as Designers Mode become a 3rd party plugin? From here this is exactly how I read this unless there is a whole Chapter I am missing....
  15. If you have Commerce a donations package is included. Hope this helps.