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  1. just tested no issue with the wiget,
  2. that looks more server issue to me like.htaccess as my widget just calls items that already there
  3. i look into this but glad now working
  4. yes works unsure if user had working again as this was not my own plugin but one taken over the author tags show if other people reply or if you reply again not on the first post and demo
  5. can provide me login details as not sure what doing if uninstalled old version would need install as new pugin not upgrade route.
  6. you sure PSD not in files uploaded as 100% sure added them if not add here.
  7. Hi,


    I am confused, I just wanted your plugin to appear at the bottom of the forums, but it is not appearing within the widgets on the left so cannot use it because I cannot see it, if that makes sense 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jamer


      I have already registered you as an Administrator so you should already have access?

    3. Theme Tent UK

      Theme Tent UK

      Nope you given mod cp no admin permission been provided 

    4. Jamer


      Hmm this is weird because according to me you are an Administrator, see screenshot

      Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.44.59.png

  8. can send me over your forum details and login details so take little look please
  9. its all front controled so when drag and dropped and still in block manager mode you see edit in the widget
  10. left hand side your forum is called block widets click this and you get this you then drag and drop the widget into your forum at different location areas.
  11. where the main bulk staff from ? as said don't have direct office but source from difference locations ?
  12. nope sorry don't resize images as the image will remain the default size.
  13. like David said test it on local as then see what issue might have if any alot bugs have been fixed between the upgrade progress but every site is different.
  15. ok i will need see can send detail your site i try look tomorrow but been so busy with work it been mega amount work load.