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  1. i will see what going on direct for myself.
  2. ok only item can do from my end is you can provide me PM with your forum url, a login in details needs be admin can be made solely for me to login and removed once finished or current admin account, any other item like current admin cp location if not default and secondary password if you have them.
  3. Ok did you buy the item here or over Invisionizer ?
  4. yeah seen issue above try uninstalling and reinstall any issue again please let me know here.
  5. is this fresh install getting error ?
  6. that normal means the call back failing basically when update done by dev your admin cp let you know.
  7. updated to 4.1.x
  8. + remove it or add it only user group guest/members !!
  9. Is it true leaving the modding world was unable send direct PM so done the status way.

    1. Makoto


      It's not entirely certain.

      At the very least I will not be releasing any paid products here so that someone can file a complaint and get a full refund six months later when an update to IPS breaks compatibility.

      So if/when I do release any new paid applications, they will be sold directly via my own application/plugin repository system and under a stricter set of terms.

  10. Pete how do i get Shoutbox?  I registered on Invisionfocus but I'm not receiving the validation email.  I registered same name there: Volstate

    1. IPS Modification

      IPS Modification

      i still not rebuilt it been super busy i will find time soon as take break from daily work to focus on shoutbox but can't provide any end date as my life just full on busy. I also validated your account so you will be seeing all forums as normal.

  11. Hello,

    I am having issues with the Links Preview plugin that you have in the Marketplace.  I have tried to create an account on your support forum, but am getting an error message (attached in PM).

    That being said I started to look at the XML and noticed an error.

    Line 16 should be:

    return $form;]]></settingsCode><tasks/><htmlFiles/><cssFiles/><jsFiles><js filename="sod.core.linkPreview.js">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</js></jsFiles><resourcesFiles/><lang><word key="sod_link_preview_active" js="0">Active Link Preview?</word><word key="sod_link_preview_width" js="0">Image Preview Width</word><word key="sod_link_preview_groups" js="0">Who Can See Links Preview</word><word key="sod_link_preview_internal" js="0">Link Preview For Internal Links</word><word key="sod_link_preview_external" js="0">Link Preview For External Links</word></lang><versions><version long="10000" human="1.0.0"><![CDATA[//<?php

    (Wording for external was tied to sod_link_preview_internal and sod_link_preview_external did not have any wording tie, so it just displayed as 'sod_link_preview_external' when configuring the plugin).  That correction is the only change I made to line 16.

    Beyond that, can you assist me with getting this working on my forum and with getting registered on your support forum?  (I also sent you a PM about this with a screenshot of your forum error message).

  12. Hello , I am interesed on purchasing shoutbox for IPB 4.x 


    I already sent you a message so you could validate my account but I get no answer



    Hello, this is my forum



    My username Il_Picasso I already registered need to be validated ^^


  13. fordrst.co.uk name on your site LiamX8

  14. http://www.sigmacommunity.com/ My forum