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  1. @Ryan H. I'm thinking about purchasing your Advanced Tags & Prefixes plugin. Are you working on an update? If yes, when will you deliver it?
  2. Rainbow Dash, I have started the process of updating this plugin to the latest version of IPB to be released for free when completed, credit will be given accordingly. If you object to me updating this mod please contact me immediately. Best regards,
  3. Checking on the status of my request.
  4. I meant for you to add the functionality I requested on my first post on this thread. I really would like to see that. I don't really care about the Wikipedia.
  5. Michael, to do the Wikipedia integration you can use this script: http://wikipedia-api-script.com/ I prefer not to give CP access to any user, regardless of permission. Please consider adding this functionality to your hook as it would greatly extend its reach.
  6. Michael, I want my users to be able to contribute. This Tooltip hook would be very useful to me if you create an interface for a selected usergroup to be able to add key words and the description.
  7. What's an easier way to disable all hooks?
  8. Just purchased it and it doesn't work on my board. Do you have a list of possible hooks that may not be compatible with this hook?
  9. I would like to have tabbed sidebars. Can you create a hook for that? Thanks man.
  10. Great work. I have been working on upgrading the actual fields with custom css elements and this is specially useful for boards with several custom fields as mine. Best regards,
  11. Logout does not work.
  12. Yes. There is a Filter Forums option.
  13. Denniz38, HELL NO, 1 dollar and 1000 is big difference. If it wasn't you would be donating $1000 to the developer right now, but you aren't. You are a cheap and most likely a poor site owner and you should really just shut up. You want support? Go hire a developer to get this fix for you. I guarantee you you will be will charged at least $50-100 per hour. This is a penny script, you shouldn't expect premium support. You are but LUCKY the developer is even acknowledging you for $15. You are a retard and crazy, go learn some programming.
  14. Peter T says you are the one you built it but sold it to him. The code in the app is signature of your coding practices also.
  15. When I install one, the other doesn't show up on the registration page. The same is true if viceversa. Also, I need to change the field type to check box, where in the hook can I change that?