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  1. how do i install viglinks? Nothing mentioned on this at all... kinda useless to have it available if you don't tell us how to use it.
  2. Just signed up for my mandrill account so i am ready :D
  3. Yay for Duplicate forum!!!! This I have been waiting for ever!!!
  4. I want to like something but not give rep... but then if I think something is worth rep I want to be able to give a rep point!!! Can you make this happen please!!!
  5. wow what a rant dude!
  6. I am waiting for the step by step guide for ip content before I dive in to get it.
  7. Another thing I just noticed please center username above picture! Looks stupid sooo far to the left.
  8. Okay I am using my HTC desier HD android 2.3 phone. I can't press the login button I had to hold finder on login button n open in new window but create account link works fine. When I did get to the login page it asked for my email address not username... Confusing thing is I typed what I thought my email seeded was for this site and it was incorrect. Once I get to the page it asked to use my login name or email address. This needs to be fixed to say both. Yes I know I'm on a phone n I should use mobile view but I hate that it doesn't look any good rather see the whole site.
  9. Yeh I def wouldn't install it on a shared host I would be hosting it on a xen VPS.
  10. Can I host my own then and eliminate the cost?
  11. I missed out on getting onto IP Board... damn the stupid time differences!! I hope they let me know when its back online!!

    1. .Brian


      Don't worry it will be back up

  12. Just wondering who host the IP chat rooms and can I host my own? or by installing it I am actually hosting it... If this is so why do I want to pay for more people to be active in the chat room. I understand if someone else is hosting it.
  13. yeah some very nice new features can't wait for the release!
  14. Love this update. Now since ur in the admin panel. I want to know if u have done the best thing u could...ability to copy past forum permissions.
  15. Because you don't have a legal copy of IPB!!!