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  1. I've never had this portal installed with previous versions. I used to use Unreal Portal but am since moving over to Portal since Unreal is no longer supported. I did not change the name of my admin directory, it's the default. This is what the ACP looks like by the way.
  2. The only error feedback I get is what I already posted. Also, I uploaded the files correctly - with the admin folder in the root directory.
  3. Upon uploading the contents of the "upload" folder, I go to applications page in the ACP to install the app, but it says: "Can't Install" "This application cannot be installed. Is it in the correct directory? You cannot install third party applications into the IPS directory or vice-versa." I'm running IPB 3.4.2 and Portal version 1.3.
  4. This is fantastic!
  5. It's about time. :rolleyes:
  6. Will this permission set essentially be making the approve/unapprove system obsolete? I never really cared for it...
  7. I don't mean to sound mean or inconsiderate or anything, but all I can say is, it's about time.
  8. :x When I go to upgrade, it says my forum is already up to date.
  9. I just hope there's a beta release within the next three weeks so I can work on converting my skin over Christmas break.
  10. Does anybody want to point me in the direction of Luke's report manager? The only one I know is the one by Alεx.