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  1. nice addition this thankyou :)
  2. works great thankyou
  3. hi thanxs for the reponce i am using dark soliders by alex most hooks work fine which i have installed not had any other issues just this one it seems :sad:
  4. love this hook can it be extended it only shows a few can the list be longer many thanxs
  5. hi having a few issues viewing the contents once added how to i rectify this please thanxs " alt="cannot_view.jpg">
  6. hi has this died then i was looking into this or will the service be returning soon i get the same error message when trying to activate as Riki does if not does anyone have any suitable other options is there a favourite out there ?? any assistance on this many thanxs
  7. top man thankyou kindly for this just what i was looking for
  8. hi alex can you do the mobile skin that would be great light would be handy thanx
  9. thankyou very much for these great work
  10. hi ive just had to reinstall the sidebar block system i exported all the blocks i had so i had them ready to replace i reinstalled the sidebar block system but has no import but noticed you had it so it could be simply added as a seperate hook so added one of the blocks and it showed up as a enabled hook BUT it does not seem to show up on the forum i have disabled the hook and reenabled it that did not work i re-ran the templates but to no avail i have forum 3.4.5 can you advise please many thanxs
  11. that sorted it many thanxs for that
  12. hi cannot seem to get this to work even re-ran the skin templates and still all those after the time period was still active i have 3.4.5 board
  13. yer odd that great skin aswell seems a shame but not a problem if not done yet thanxs for the responce
  14. Hi think I may have described the change I want wrong Is g possible to have a third row at the moment it shows 2 rows showing 6 files then it moves on show another 6 files Can if be changed to show 9 files then you scroll on and it shows another 9 files And thankyou for the text issue great stuff
  15. Hi Alex sorted it m8 thanxs for the offer any idea when you will release the mobile skin or this