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  1. Thank you. Can you tell me the proper way to upgrade? do I remove the old version and install the new one? I didn't see a way to just choose upgrade for member map. I just want to make sure I don't overwrite the user data file. So I was worried if I just uploaded all the 1.0.9 files I would mess something up.
  2. When people try to add their location or update their location, they get a Google map error saying there was an unspecified problem locating the address, but it's just normal city, state being entered, not hard addresses to find. What is causing the error and how do I fix it without losing currently added members? I have IPB forum 3.4.1 and member map 1.0.7 I see you have an upgrade to 1.0.9 but I also read that some people seemed to have lost all users after upgrade, so I wanted to ask here first if I should upgrade or if that will cause a loss of current user database.
  3. I tried looking through previous posts for the answer to this, but didn't find it. is it possible to have the donation box without showing any goal at all and therefore no total amount collected and no percentage toward goal showing? i just want a simple donate button. I wasn't sure if I could turn the goal and total donation amounts off...
  4. I figured out that I had to re-enable display names to be able to edit display I did that and then edited the acct and then turned off display names again. And now the map works fine....THANK YOU! Can you tell me how you figured out it was that member causing a problem? I am wanting to know so that if I have a similar problem in the future, then I can find the problem member and edit their display name.
  5. I searched all over while editing that user and can't find a way to edit a display you happen to know how to do it? I looked in my settings and it shows that I don't allow display names....maybe that is why it doesn't show for me to edit? I turned it off many years ago I believe because people get confused when they have both. saved me a lot of work once I shut that off...
  6. I thought IPB did away with display names a long time ago, but I just went to check his account and it doesn't show "SMITTY"! as his login would I go about finding and editing his display name? I can't find a way to do that....
  7. ok, thanks.....I guess maybe I should just remove him from the map, he probably doesn't want me changing his user name....
  8. my member map was showing fine, but now it's just a blank screen with no member but a listing of number of users who have added their you see the same thing I do?
  9. my 2 cents..... I would love to see a way to attach images with fast reply. I have a lot of users who can't figure it out as it is now. It should be an easy experience for our users to add images.
  10. Another question, it looks like Google will stop supporting v2 API in May 2013, what will happen to the map then?
  11. Nevermind, I found it....You have to click on General Configuration settings and not Edit General drives me nuts that there are so many places and ways to access different settings. But the map is working and my users love it, thank you for this application! It's fun!
  12. Can you be more specific? I went to system settings, then member map tab, then edit general configuration, but I don't see any setting for disable clustering.
  13. Is there a setting to not have the map cluster markers together and replace them with a number? In other words, if I want each icon to show individually, how do I change that?
  14. Thank you for your suggestion. However, I assume IPB would have loaded the most current parser since they did the upgrade for me just a few days ago. But I will check. thx!
  15. Thank you!! I was searching all over for that. Now, I can view the map but it says Google has disabled API for this application....I thought I had this figured out, but guess I better go read what Google API said again.