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  1. If they are also moderators, try giving them all rights again as per Use the assign all permissions button per moderator like I had to do.
  2. Fixed by Brandon per Tracker.
  3. Any plans for a version compatible with 4.0?
  4. I couldn't figure out a way to just change the TESTINSTALL url and not change the original url.
  5. Slow is putting it mildly. LOL
  6. I can easily delete the contents with backspace but I have a heck of a time to delete the empty spoiler.
  7. ​Occasionally, the reply box opens with something I did not intend to use and then I cannot find a way to remove it. I usually just give up.
  8. I a;so remember that Matt was supposed to publish a program to help set the new paths of a copied board.
  9. I agree, I now have to select manually what I want to purge instead supplying the criteria as before.
  10. Looks like it is another one where IPS surveyed its customer base and found it was of little or no use.
  11. Thank you for your answer. For now, I am using the Admin notes field. I will look at Spacious ACP once I go live with 4.0.
  12. Since I usually have multiple ACPs open during testing, is there an easy way to change the title of the ACP in the upper-left corner from IPS Community Suite to something else.? Under 3.x, I changed the admin logo to something different per test site.
  13. Okay maybe 'crap' was harsh. I should have stated that beta7a was a mistake. We have had two fixes announced that either were wrong or partially wrong. I am referring to the installer/upgrader. I stand by my earlier comment - beta 7a should have been withdrawn. Of course, if a check was made, it would have been seen that I did report all to the tracker.
  14. That is why I syggested that it be withdrawn. Instead we get a fixed post later amended to suggest only partially fixed. The tracker was marked fixed and there are now further reports.