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  1. Suite

    yes i 'use
  2. Suite

    Hello , i can't access to the settings in the admin panel error EX2 but i' can use application ( ad feedback , remove ... )
  3. Suite

    Hi , i cant renew this application , invoice is expired :x can you help me ? i see 5$ to the price
  4. hello it's possible to active topic colored for secondary group ?
  5. Hello since the update , send MP is very slow. 3H => 2500 MP send , and if i choose 50 or more MP/session the script send always 25/sessions Thx.
  6. futur release ? it's possible to see the last duplicate attemps in the panel admin ? thx
  7. Suite

    thx a lot for the updated !! Great Enhancement: Setting to prevent users from leaving more than one Feedback per deal :wub: :sorcerer:
  8. it's compatible with another virtual monnaie ? still dogecoins ?
  9. Hello, " alt="mandrill.jpg">it's normal if i've only this option in admin panel ?
  10. Suite

    Some members put a +1 several times for the same ad. And some flood and swells their reputation. So I would limit it, I have more than 13,000 members and I would like to limit it. A one per member per ad.
  11. Suite

    Will give you an update on your application? If yes, when and what do you add to it ? Some ideas for you: Can delete mass evaluations when a banned member To see prevent duplication if desired or may be able to view Possibility of Close/ move topic if the evaluation was given
  12. For the next version you can display the latest duplicates the front page? I have every time through each page to find the duplicate account Thx
  13. Suite

    it's possible to include an option ? 1 point (+ or -) by topic and by member ? User can leave 1 point (and only one ) ?
  14. it's ok thx )
  15. Hi PrinceOfAbyss , I've renewal my licence for your APP. But my licence was expired :( Can you help Me ? thx