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  1. (DP41) CSE Google

    My search results fail to show. A JS error is printed to the log; Cannot read property 'CustomSearchControl' of undefined I created a non-paid search engine to test with, the same issue occurs with that. I have cleared the cache also.
  2. (DP41) CSE Google

    Ok, so as I pay for Site Search, I'll just downgrade to CSE and get ads with my results. Is that right?
  3. (DP41) CSE Google

    Google has announced it is discontinuing Site Search. Any idea if there will be a replacement product?
  4. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Thanks. It took a little while to update after I cleared cache a few times.
  5. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Is there any known issues with the widget filtering by forum not working? It doesn't matter what I choose in the forums select it makes no difference.
  6. Either works for me. Thanks Lindy.
  7. You guys could always re-implement Sphinx. Wouldn't that do all of this out of the box?
  8. Putting my weight in here also. I'm using Google Custom Search (CSE) on my site now as the built-in search is just terrible and the search result page was high on my sites Exit Pages. Adding to this the inability to search extra fields is just absurd and creates a strangle hold on a community market place that IPS are so keen to build up and improve.
  9. Classifieds System

    Oh I see. My apologies, I thought it was a feature that you provided. The search sucks at the moment, I've replaced mine with Google Site Search to keep people from leaving.
  10. Classifieds System

    Thats a big feature for me. How can I find out if it does?
  11. Classifieds System

    I'm sorry if this has been asked, I searched the topic but couldn't find my answer. Does this support additional field searching? Eg, if I have a product that only fits Nissan, can I create a field for 'Car Make' and then allow end users to search that field for Nissan ? Thanks
  12. Automation Rules - FULL

    This really is a work of art. Worth every penny. Thanks so much.
  13. (NB41) RSS Feed - ALL Forum Topics

    Thanks but don't worry. The search on my site is pitiful and just can't perform well with over 7m posts. I'm switching all search to Google now. Thanks again
  14. (NB41) RSS Feed - ALL Forum Topics

    The performance of this is pretty poor. It takes forever to load on my site.
  15. Guest Message Support

    That worked perfectly, thank you!