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  1. * answered my own question *
  2. That's the same issue I'm currently struggling with. Are you uploading v2 games and are they in a .tar as opposed to a .zip? Also, if you're using firefox check the previous page for an issue with firefox.
  3. Thanks. I've copied this error report across to your side now. :)
  4. I don't use Firefox so that's not the isssue. (Although that might be an issue of another kind in some peoples eyes. :P) I also don't have permission to view that forum, which is why I posted the error here instead of there. I'm registered there under the same username as here.
  5. I've just installed RC2 and downloaded a file from ipbdownloads and when I try and upload it I get the "FATAL ERROR: Unsupported file type!" error. I have set both the server path and web path under settings. Any suggestions on what else might be wrong?
  6. Now I'm really excited. Thanks Matt :)
  7. What happens with the current url's if we switch this function on? Will hotlinks still work or will the browser be greeted with a 404?