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  2. *Spy Detected*
    Hows it going?

  3. Will; I don't understand why you've stuck with your host when you always have some many problems :) Personally, I have cURL support on my server since I use software that requires it. However if a client wanted GMP or bcmath installed, I'd install it for them. I just don't see why your 'host' doesn't want to please it's customers.
  4. You're avatar scares me! :P

  5. I'd assume you don't have to; however the applications would then be standalone; and login data would not be shared between.
  6. I believe if they are set on the same domain, that should appear possible!
  7. Isn't Nexus already supported by Converge, therefore can't you just add Nexus as a application to the Converge framework and users would be integrated between the CMS module and IP.Board?
  8. [quote name='dlh' date='Jul 4 2007, 12:42 AM']The "IPB Community Personal Photos" link is broken IPB Community Personal Photos
  9. [quote name='benfromaix' date='May 11 2007, 03:58 PM']Thanks, That sound great ! Could you also improve the resource of ipb gallery and ipb blog. During rush hours, more than 3 500 users are connected simultanously and we have serious database problem. My community use principaly this two features (70% of this are using the galeries or blogs). Thanks Benjamin Try submitting a ticket about your issue; :)
  10. To add, it was decided that when the IPS installer was complete, there would then be the possibility of the use of UMI; if demand was great enough.
  11. Of being a comment virgin... *nods*

  12. Yay! No more playground bullying of Comment Virgin!