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    Simple and powerful. A absolutely useful plugin. For the future I would wish an option to activate and deactivate this plugin for particular themes. This would be great!
  1. Opera is my favorit. But the new edge browser make a good dent on me and is my second choice.
  2. I would say relative reliable. And positive publicity always is good for the business. :yes:
  3. I think IP.Board has earned a better ranking then vBulletin, hasn't it? Then please vote for IP.Board as the best commercial forum software. :thumbsup:
  4. File Name: Mocha v1.0.3 File Submitter: bytech File Submitted: 07 Feb 2006 File Category: Professional Skins This one will make you run to your favourite coffee shop! Version 1.0.2: - Email icon with transparency - Six new custom icons to help identify one's own posts - Added transparency to five PM icons - JS file fix that prevented bullets from showing up in a few drop down menus - Two colour fixes in the CSS Version 1.0.3: - Google Adsense which was only visible to specific groups now removed. Click here to download this file