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  1. Hello! Is it possible to view (list) members not active for a number of days? Or is the mail without seeing the list of members concerned thank you
  2. Hello I can not find how to change the color of the writing (font) of the shoutbox. ( in "css" ? Where? merci ! thank you
  3. version 3,3 board ?
  4. Supported IPS Software Version: 3.2.x+ 3.3 ?
  5. I test the complete change I made to your xml file and it fontionne. (see my link) There are now eight blocks on my forum.
  6. is just what it is? merci pour votre réponse thank you for your response
  7. question is that if I add this: {$this->_showblocks($this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_forumid5'],$this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_block5'])} {$this->_showblocks($this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_forumid6'],$this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_block6'])} line 50 and 51 in "(bim) X New Tpoics (Sidebar). xml" it adds two block? if not please explain your answer thank you
  8. Why is it impossible?
  9. In the sidebar is there a way to display more than 4 Blocks? thank you
  10. Hello I have this message on the forum a few seconds after seeing the map: Bad choice: Google Maps API v2 ? Google Maps API v3 Forum vers : 3.2.3 it is a subdomain ???? thank you