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  1. Exclude Ads from given forums/areas

    Can you provide a live use example of how and where you've deployed this? How do you handle ads after the first post where you want some but not others depending on location?
  2. Exclude Ads from given forums/areas

    Part of your solution is here: IPS Thread I have personally battled with this and keeping Adsense happy is goal number one. Now you'll have to combine that with a ELSE statement so if it doesn't show ads because it's excluded then show another ad. I'm not an expert but I imagine it would look something like this. {{if ( \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'forums' AND isset( \IPS\Request::i()->id ) AND ! in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->id, array( forum_id1, forum_id2, forum_id3, forum_id4 ) ) ) OR !( in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->controller, array( 'system_app1', 'system_app2', 'system_app3', 'forums' ) ) OR in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->app, array( 'external_app1', 'external_app2') ) )}} {advertisement="ad_tag_adsense"} {{else}} {advertisement="ad_tag_other"} {{endif}}
  3. Duplicate Members Logger

    Why didn't I see this until now? Dear lord thank you for this update. However in order to get it to work on PHP 5.5.31 I had to make the following changes. public function getDuplicateGroups() { $machine_ids = $this->getUniqueMachines(); if( is_array( $machine_ids ) and count( $machine_ids ) ) { $this->DB->build( array( 'select' => 'member_id, unique_machines', 'from' => 'members', 'where' => 'unique_machines<>""', 'order' => 'last_activity DESC' ) ); $this->DB->execute(); Does anyone have an update as to when this will be supported in 4.1.x if at all? Thanks.
  4. Portal

    Contact your hosting provider they should be able to restart the mysql service and use mysqladmin to check and repair any corrupt tables. That's your quickest solution and if I'm not mistaken that table keeps the latest visitor information for the IPS profile portal page. If checking and repairing any tables with your hosting provider doesn't fix the table send in a support ticket to IPS. I don't believe those tables are part of Mike's Portal. Repairing tables requires machine resources that are defined in the configuration file for mysql. If there isn't enough memory allocated, for example, the repair process won't work and you can't see the problem without a root account. Finding and uploading plugin files won't fix a corrupt table if indeed that's what you have. From what I saw it just reports "In Use" which means it's not closed but may or may not be corrupt. Hope that helps you.
  5. Portal

    In your root forum directory edit the file initdata.php Find this line [toward the top] { define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'portal' ); } Change it to this: { define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'forums' ); } Save / Reupload
  6. Duplicate Members Logger

    Recently upgraded to PHP 5.3.29 and had to make some changes to the code base to fix the foreach statements. In the hook itself /hooks/duplicatesFraudRegistrationAlert_storednumber.php Line 77 old foreach( $attempts as $attempt ) Line 77 new foreach((array) $attempts as $attempt ) In the extension /admin/applications_addon/other/duplicates/extensions/modcp/plugin_registrationsprohibited.php Lines 118... old foreach( $attempts as $attempt ) { if( ! $attempt['new_member_id'] ) { $m[$row['member_id']] = $row['member_id']; $a[$row['member_id']]['attempts'][] = $attempt; } } } if( is_array( $m ) and count( $m ) ) { foreach( $m as $v ) Lines 118... new foreach((array) $attempts as $attempt ) { if( ! $attempt['new_member_id'] ) { $m[$row['member_id']] = $row['member_id']; $a[$row['member_id']]['attempts'][] = $attempt; } } } if( isset( $m ) and count( $m ) ) { foreach((array) $m as $v )In the extension /admin/applications_addon/other/duplicates/extensions/modcp/plugin_registrationsbanned.php Lines 109... old foreach( $attempts as $attempt ) { if( $attempt['new_member_id'] ) { $m[$row['member_id']] = $row['member_id']; $a[$row['member_id']]['attempts'][] = $attempt; } } } if( is_array( $m ) and count( $m ) ) { foreach( $m as $v )Lines 109... new foreach((array) $attempts as $attempt ) { if( $attempt['new_member_id'] ) { $m[$row['member_id']] = $row['member_id']; $a[$row['member_id']]['attempts'][] = $attempt; } } } if( isset( $m ) and count( $m ) ) { foreach((array) $m as $v )Might want to update the code base to handle the new PHP foreach statements. I didn't check the rest of the code just fixed the errors the original code was throwing to screen. Thanks.
  7. Portal

    I would check the amount of resources given to PHP and MYSQL to make sure they have enough to operate correctly for your needs. That said there's no degradation of performance running 3.4.7. I didn't see where a version was mentioned.
  8. Adding images to the question answer challenge is a worth while option. It has stopped my spam registrations 100%. Since the forums require registration, that too has been minimized. Free alternative worth exploring.
  9. [HQ] Google CSE -pro-

    I only mention this as an improvement slash suggestion for your work. Take it as you like, you are the developer. Past that I agree the the functionality hasn't been overly expressed. Thanks for the partial answer. Regards.
  10. [HQ] Google CSE -pro- Respectfully there's been no response to the above thread either. Your statement that says everything within the CSE is configured within adsense is false. The fact is that google adsense does not allow ads in popups so until the popup becomes static it won't show adsense ads. To avoid this you'd need to open the search window in focus and not in a popup.
  11. Portal

    It's getting warm in the land down under .. me thinks MJ is getting some well deserved speedo time in at the beach. Don't worry we'll be here when you get back. :devil:
  12. Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

    PM Inbound
  13. Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

    Well what access do you need? I should get this resolved or remove the hook. (BTW I removed the old hook and installed a new copy of it)
  14. Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

    Are you running minify?
  15. Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

    No the hook file remains intact, I've made no changes. I can't get that error to show on IE, Chrome, or Firefox, so I'm not sure what you're talking about, but it's nice to know it's been in disarray for a couple weeks now. :hmm: