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  1. Suite

    A manuel modification to add "search" when not logged ? Maybe ?
  2. Suite

    It is possible to have an option to activate "search" if not logging (search is not displayed if the member is not logged). Thanks for this beautiful and modern template !
  3. Suite

    Hello, " alt="5d5kea.jpg"> On my board (www.cheminots.net), the admins and moderators can't do multiple selection topics (for moderating them), because clicking (on box) for select a topic, it's open the topic. The 2nd problem i have, it's we have lot of TOPICS and REPLIES, the width colonne is too small and display "xx TOPICS xx REPLIES" in 2 lines, exemple: http://www.cheminots.net/forum/forum/6-brin-de-causette/
  4. Nice work Tom ! How I can change the favicon please ?
  5. So simple... arf !
  6. Hello, I have this error: Error: Could not load template 'primary_menus' from group 'promenu' Any help please ?
  7. +1 for an screenshot HTML output, please.
  8. It is possible to update it for 3.2 please ? Install is ok, but i can't access the mod in applications.