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  1. Nice @kotaco !!
  2. Thanks! Ik zal m'n best doen Ziet er goed uit!
  3. Its the news 6 paper theme on wordpress @EmpireKickAss Im using wp for articles @sobrenome
  4. My website. It ran from 2004 to 2012/2013. I recently relaunched it, recovered the database. Unfortunately I lost the files backup (profile photos and attachments). Still a work in progress. Waiting for the IPBWI V4 so I can bridge the database properly. Here is the link to my website:
  5. I really like this design! love the way it uses same style on wordpress front and ipb4
  6. Any updates on this?
  7. Is deze ook 100% te gebruiken met ipboard 4.1.10?
  8. I installed this version but I have some issues (I cant use any search field/function in ACP, and more). I've submitted a ticket.
  9. Hi, I am considering reviving my old website again. I still have the database backup, which is about 600mb (ipb 3.x). Is there any way to restore and use it again?
  10. Hi, I have a license for ipb 3.x. If I renew it, will I be able to use 4.x versions of the ip.board and ip.content?
  11. Bump.
  12. Also, the chat count doesn't show in chat tab?
  13. I did a fresh install of the latest pulse. Could you look into it if I gave you admin cp access?
  14. I deleted the default skin years ago :lol:
  15. Is it possible that the login function has to do something with my theme? I am using powermag theme on my wordpress site