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  2. What's the upgrade procedure from 3.4.x to 4.1.x? Currently I am still on 3.4.x, doing testings for 4.1.x.
  3. Will we be able to upgrade from old version?
  4. Is this progressing for IPB 4?
  5. @chilihead is right and as the topic starter I really feel so bad about this after all these years. So simple thing dragging for years.
  6. Most people know that Facebook updated its LIKE-system. In this forum,, I found that they created a plugin that does a similar Like-system and I think it's very cool. I would like to suggest to add a similar system into IPB because I believe it's very strong.
  7. Can you tell us how exactly?
  8. A month or so wouldf be fine, just please stick to this time frame. Thanks
  9. I know this is none of your job but a guide of howto backup-restore ips dbs (especially big ones) would be a good help for people (like me) that don't know but have access to ssh.
  10. I haven't upgraded because of this. How things are progressing???
  11. Is this going to IPB 4.x or what?
  12. Last time I asked the plans are for Feb 2016 so let's wait a couple of months and we'll see.
  13. Out of curiosity, for what is this used for? Please give examples. thanks
  14. Can you rename BAN to DISABLE for an account? Ban seems a bit unprofessional.