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  1. Where you have this problem? OK, I added to todo
  2. No. This is compatible with ipb 3
  3. Between 10th June and 3rd July I'm on vacation. Please be patient. For all messages I will answer after I return.

  4. New version will be availiable on July
  5. For IPS4 you can buy this:
  6. Witaj Spanner ;)


    Pozdrawiam, JakubS. z IPSBeyond ^_^

  7. Unfortunately, you must buy again.
  8. Yes, You can see there: "Buy", "Send price proposal", "Contact via PM", "Bid price" Yes These options are availiable in menu "actions"
  9. Ok thanks. Could you please check in system logs?
  10. Version 2.1.1


    Author: Dawid Baruch ( Description: Application allows to create professional sales platform. This is the best classifieds app for IPS Community Suite 4 Application (SD) Sales Portal Pro is a professional sales platform on which users can sell items like on Demo UPGRADE If you upgrade from version < 2.0.0 you must unpack archive, upload files to directory /applications/sdsalespro and manually run upgrade on url board/admin/upgrade


  11. any errors?
  12. @PTiCA1, @claustrier, @sound you can test on:
  13. Hard to say. In next version I'll try to fix this error, but I don't know why it is
  14. I tried in April, but no promises