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  1. If user buy (with nexus) some offer then buyer can add review. In next version I change this and if you don't have nexus, ten as offer owner you will can end offer with choosing buyers
  2. I'm developing new version which allows to manage shipping methods
  3. Unfortunately no
  4. I tried on and Company Directory
  5. How do you want see this option? I developing new version and I can change something
  6. Ok, thanks
  7. In 4.1.16 this error exists 2016-10-18_08-09-07.mp4
  8. Gateway

    Version 2.0.0

    1 download

    Author: Spanner ( Description: Payment gateway for IPS Community Suite (Commerce app) that allows payment using


  9. Use this plugin to add custom oEmbed:
  10. You can use this plugin to add custom oEmbed end point:
  11. You can use this plugin to add custom oEmbed end point
  12. (SD) oEmbed

    Version 1.0.0


    Plugin allows to add custom oEmbed like from own wordpress page


  13. ok, I understand your needs, which is why I wrote you a PM that spot you can write a query to the database and the next version will add this functionality
  14. Oh, you like motorcycles?  Me too... here is my bike... 

    Harley vrod 2004.JPG


    I am the owner of &

    I sent you an email at IPB about your hooks, I am interested in possibly purchasing and getting your help.

    1. Spanner


      Beutiful bike. I have BMW S1000RR ^_^