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  1. Ok, thanks
  2. In 4.1.16 this error exists 2016-10-18_08-09-07.mp4
  3. Gateway

    Version 2.0.0

    1 download

    Author: Spanner ( Description: Payment gateway for IPS Community Suite (Commerce app) that allows payment using


  4. Use this plugin to add custom oEmbed:
  5. You can use this plugin to add custom oEmbed end point:
  6. You can use this plugin to add custom oEmbed end point
  7. (SD) oEmbed

    Version 1.0.0


    Plugin allows to add custom oEmbed like from own wordpress page


  8. ok, I understand your needs, which is why I wrote you a PM that spot you can write a query to the database and the next version will add this functionality
  9. Oh, you like motorcycles?  Me too... here is my bike... 

    Harley vrod 2004.JPG


    I am the owner of &

    I sent you an email at IPB about your hooks, I am interested in possibly purchasing and getting your help.

    1. Spanner


      Beutiful bike. I have BMW S1000RR ^_^

  10. You must edit profile and check new location
  11. hey man have you done a member tagging system like 3xx but for ips4?

  12. Where you have this problem? OK, I added to todo
  13. No. This is compatible with ipb 3
  14. Between 10th June and 3rd July I'm on vacation. Please be patient. For all messages I will answer after I return.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Well at least some of us get to go on vacation..