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  1. This processing now requires the admin to step through a number of pages - so my suggestion is can we make it easier. My current process (discounting the fact that on a desktop you can use "right click open in new tab" Login to ACP Default page is "Dashboard" Observe "Pending Validations" in Items requiring Attention" Go to validating members page using "Click Here for more Details" Click on Validating Member Click on Profile tab and scroll to bottom of page (thats where the responses to site unique questions are displayed. Scoll back to top of page From drop Down select "Validate Member" When you do this the page then takes you back to the "Manage members" page and the tab opened is "Members" Select "Validating" Restart the process above I accept there may be some shortcuts available, but on the whole it has become a bit of a painfull process. We used to be able to Login to ACP Default page is "Dashboard" Click on "Pending Validations" Click on member and then click on Profile tab Approve and then be returned to the Validating Members page How could it be better Login to ACP Default page is "Dashboard" Click on "Pending Validations" Click on member and default page is a combination of Basic Information and Profile Tab Scroll to bottom - review and have a "Approve" and/or "Delete" button Be returned to "Validating Member" page Just thoughts
  2. Answered my own question You can set up default notifications in ACP >> Members Tab >> Noifications (left menu)
  3. Was looking for something similiar to above post (I think I have answered that question belo But, is it possible to have notifications turned on by default. I think my members will struggle with this bit In your notifications you can select (My seetings - Notification Options) Notify me of new classifieds in subscribed categories Notify me of new questions and answers in watched classified adverts Notify me of new questions for my own classified adverts Notify me when somebody replies to my classified questions
  4. Hi, just trying to purchase but when I click on "Payment" I get: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/nexus/sources/invoiceModel.php on line 1380
  5. Fully support the suggestions for - Upload a picture into a Forum Post - Adding a "Add Blog Post" to the menu
  6. New Mitsubishi forums for Pajero Challenger Triton and Outlander

  7. Just downloaded the ip ap

  8. big thanks from me
  9. Thank you Matt (and Larry) it has actually been over 4 hours, but thats okay, I just needed to know the status of the specif questions) in my ticket. Happy for thread to be deleted I did do that when the check script was released some months back, but since then my host did have me at MySQL version 4.1.22-standard and PHP version 5.2.6 which both meet the minimum requirements, I thought I would now be okay I have no idea about PHP SPL extension and the DOM XML Handling extension
  10. Hi IPS Can I ask if someone can have a look at my follow up to Ticket #588048 please. My upgrade is sitting incomplete and although I responded as soon as you guys left my site, the ticket questions remain unanswered. Can I also suggest that before commencing Customer Upgrades that a check should be made to ensure the host server is compatible. Not all of us are savvy on these things which is why we engage support. At the moment I am not sure what I can or cant do, my board is a shambles with a skin that is half Default, half IPS Pro, None of my components work, half my ACP wont open, and there are skin cache errors appearing everywhere Thank You, and I'm happy if you delete my post after reviewing my ticket.
  11. just debating if I should uprade today