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  1. Except for virtually every other single release of the 4.1 series. And I thought we were suppose to ignore the bug tracker as most bugs are fixed through tickets? It's not possible to have it all ways, and I don't know which commercial products you're using Charles, but most I've seen do offer some sort of change list or info on the major bugs that have been fixed.
  2. Ignoring that part of the question then, how are decisions on what's added/removed from the feature set made though? I understand feedback is taken into account etc, but from the outside looking in it seems like maybe the developers are driving change, not maybe with what they think is useful or not, but what from a coding perspective makes more sense, or maybe is simpler. Not saying that's wrong as you can't spend weeks making a tiny piece of functionality work when time is better spent elsewhere. But from a user experience point of view it's not ideal, as it just appears that useful features are removed without much or any logical reasoning?
  3. Are you sure the task isn't locking for some reason. For instance we had a problem with the tasks being run for blogs and that was locking everything, fixing that made it all work much more quickly.
  4. I think the functionality to view a users previous display names has disappeared in 4.1 (unless I'm missing something). This is a very useful function, can it be re-added?
  5. It doesn't respect the size set in the admincp though unfortunately, and most users posting remote images don't go back and resize the images, so you end up with full size images through a thread, next to properly sized ones when the uploader is used. It makes it quite messy, and I think needs to be uniform and default to whatever the image display size is set to .
  6. As it stands, when remote images are posted they're displayed at full width rather than at the max image display size set in the control panel. Would it be possible to have them adhere to this setting so they act in the same way as uploaded images?
  7. Thanks, it's there now. Sorry to say though it's very buggy. Load it up into 4.1.4 and you'll see, out of box the social icons and breadcrumbs don't fit on the homepage, there's horizontal scrolling at around 1010px down to the mobile breakpoint, the fonts & icons overlap each other on the gallery homepage, and there are other small problems floating about in there. It's a shame, as I was a fan of this skin on the 3.x series.
  8. Hi Tom, I'm trying to download this update from your website, but going into my account, it shows no downloadable files found for simplify 1.0.3.
  9. Title says it all, unread content is taking longer than 30 seconds to load on this site at the moment. That for me is a show-stopper, which really should have been sorted by now. Is there any way to improve performance, or any indication when this may be made more usable?
  10. Why not just move it to a part of the forum where only your moderators can access, do what needs to be done, then move it back?
  11. Not sure your customers would agree with that sentiment. The key time to offer good & timely support is when people need support, there's little point in offering timely support at all times of the year except when updates etc occur as that's probably the only time the majority of your clients will ever need help. Understand that from a monetary perspective it's hard to justify but that's surely for IPS to deal with, rather than letting the customer take all the pain?
  12. Oh no, I think there are at least 6 people wanting to switch - I imagine Lindy, Charles and Matt are locked in a board meeting right now to decide how to avert the crisis!
  13. Cpanel seems like overkill to me, but you would think they could provide an email when you're nearing the limit, or something in the client area to tell you what your current storage level is.
  14. The lack of documentation has been a problem for years, not just when it comes to IPB4. I keep reading that it's a priority, but again that's been said for years as well and not a lot changes.