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  1. Absolutely. You must have a social media strategy and ensure your forum is as enticing as possible for casual visitors. Show as much as you can to guests, and ensure you have Facebook, at least, set up as a log in handler. The easier it is for casual visitors to add a reply, the better. Make sure you set up a Facebook page for your community and keep it updated. Share cool topics and news from your site to drive traffic back. You can't pretend Facebook doesn't exist any more. But you can leverage it to drive traffic to your site and keep your audience engaged while they are out and about.
  2. Here's another from around 2001 from another life as a graphic designer.
  3. Wow! That it so cool! Haha. "Bye, bye, bye". Those Bondi macs were gorgeous. 😍
  4. I was digging through some old photos recently, and came across this: This was two house moves ago, in 2002. I had not long purchased the snow iMac. The green and white iMac was my first iMac, and I remember saving for months to get it. I loved that machine and I've owned iMacs ever since then, right up until a week ago when I replaced my 27" iMac for a MacBook Pro / 27" monitor set up. If you look closely, you can see IPB 1.something on the green/blue iMac. Surely you guys must have old photos of your desks and computer set ups? If you've got them, share them!
  5. Edit: I see you already have. Hopefully you'll get assistance soon.
  6. As mentioned above, we can't really assist with custom code that you or a contractor has written. I think almost everyone will agree that it is not for us to fix or support. Often we'll give pointers if we can though. If you're talking about your log in issue, then it does look like a SSO issue as I had the error "There was an error processing your login request at one of the sites in our network." which isn't an IPS4 error. I've just reviewed ticket 970750 and I stand by what my colleague Jim said in that debugging your custom SSO is beyond the scope of support. We provide an example of a custom login handler in our documentation but it is to be used as a base for your own work and not designed to be used as-is. Why not post in here and other modification authors can help you.
  7. Hi Jibeji. I'm really sorry that you feel that support hasn't been as helpful as you'd have liked. We have a hard working team who pride themselves on doing the best for our customers. I won't claim that we're 100% perfect, but I feel that we work hard and generally customer satisfaction is very good judging by the customer ratings on support tickets. However, I must say that judging by the replies you've had on the issues you've raised, they do seem fair. 3.4 is now EOL, and we always ask for as much information when someone raises a security concern and as per our terms of service we do not assist with custom coding or we'd get nothing else done. If you disagree with what has been said, you are always welcome to reply again or even escalate it to a manager. We never expect you to disagree in silence or feel frustrated enough to post on our forums.
  8. Fixed!
  9. They look a little more subtle in the default theme.
  10. Agree with both, and fixed both for the next beta.
  11. It's shown differently because it's not a content item, it's an action. All actions look like that "Member X registered", "Joe liked a post" and so on.
  12. I personally like the idea too. It adds variety and colour to a suite where a lot of members have the default photo still.
  13. We already did!
  14. It's funny you mention that, my childhood hero was also dHqi1(##1oPzKAl<QQ!!S. He was amazing.