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  1. Ut oh, busted!
  2. @Dennis_87 Can you submit a ticket for my attention please? Outline what issues your members are having, and ensure that ACP and FTP details are to hand if possible? I'm struggling to see what the issue is here. The code actually hasn't changed that much in the session areas.
  3. Thanks all! We do work really hard on the product and try to balance new cool stuff with stability.
  4. Those that are having trouble, can you check to make sure the member_id and pass_hash cookies are actually being set in your devices?
  5. Did you choose to use 'Remember Me' cookies when logging into the PC? I've just tried those exact same steps, and I stay logged in just fine on my Mac.
  6. For those affected, are you checking the "Remember Me" checkbox to save log in cookies?
  7. I am not opposed to this.
  8. Hi Jack, I've just replied to your ticket, but as you posted this publicly, I feel it's worth replying here too. I was just asking for more information so I could make the correct fix. I wasn't trying to be difficult. In either case, you'll have a fix this morning.
  9. Hi all, Thanks for pitching in, we do appreciate your input. Our aim here isn't to cripple anyone's enthusiasm for helping us out by reporting bugs, neither is to try and diminish the importance of the bug tracker. What we're trying to do is find a way to streamline things a bit. During the course of a day, we probably fix a good few legitimate bugs reported via tickets. This means that while it looks like the tracker is sitting dormant, it is possible and indeed likely that many things are fixed but via tickets rather than the bug report. What we tend to do is work in cycles. We always try and find a balance between stabilising things and adding cool new things. When we do a stabilisation cycle, we will go through the tracker, which we're currently doing now if you took a look. You'll see we've created a few new categories to help key staff members order issues they will be responsible for. We've moved a lot of more complex engineering bugs that require significant work to our internal tracker so we can discuss how and when to resolve these issues. Of course, if it was a critical issue, then it would have been fixed by now because show stopping bugs tend to get our attention. As always, if you have a critical issue then a ticket is always the first port of call. That's what you're paying support for. I'm currently managing our top support tier and I'm committing bug fixes daily. So, to recap: we appreciate all your input. We love that you are enthusiastic and want to help us and we're not trying to diminish the importance of a tracker.
  10. "Sunset" I think we decided?
  11. Actually, it's a whole new system to highlight specific groups' posts and comments which is configurable per theme via the theme settings.
  12. As IPS 4.1 matures, we'll be switching gears to devoting more time in the bug tracker. One must keep in mind that we make dozens of bug fixes and changes a day based on tickets sent to us, so please don't think that we're neglecting the software.
  13. You can via editing the CSS, yes.
  14. Yep, @Mark Hhas a very busy 3.x forum that he upgrades as part of the QA procedure.
  15. I would do this: 1) Submit a bug report. Note it is a dev site. 2) If the developer working the report wants a ticket, submit a ticket quoting the bug report ID in the title of the ticket and re-iterate in the body of the support request that developer Z (Andy, Matt, etc) requested you submit a ticket. 3) Reply to the bug report saying that you've submitted a ticket and add the ticket number.