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  1. The only thing laughable is your need for such a passive aggressiveness response. I had no idea how your work-flow priorities were handled and as such, asked for a mere status check. Since you offered a suggestion, let me reciprocate. I suggest you take this year's resolutions to address your attitude and relax.
  2. No way! That's awesome. Haha, don't feel too bad, I think you guys just gassed out at the end. It was still a very close game till the end.
  3. I think you misspelled "San Jose Sharks"
  4. Thank you for the unbelievably fast response!
  5. For example, this is my signup page. As you can see, the list of secondary groups is very long. Would it be possible to make it split into 2 / 3 columns so the length would be shorter?
  6. Hi Adriano, I know someone suggested before whether a dropdown menu is possible and you said that it isn't, as it would require a full re-write. Is it possible then to make it go into columns instead of having a long single column of choices?