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  1. Sweet! Thanks
  2. mhmm im not seeing it? do u know where exact and what setting it is?
  3. When the slider is in the big mode the background pic doesnt show up. its just white.
  4. Fixed thanks <3
  5. On my phone it's not being mobile responsive
  6. Im having some mobile friendly issues with the theme....
  7. No its not annoying me bud. I appreciate the response. Love the theme <3 Love your work <3
  8. the user avarat overlaps with the menu bar..
    This guy makes outstanding themes, This is the 2nd theme i bought from him and i LOVE both of them. This theme is perfect for gaming communities that want a nice slick modern and responsive look and feel. you cant go wrong with this theam. The developer offers outstanding support and always replies to his DM's pretty much within the minute. Great theme cant go wrong.
    Can you add an option to choose which groups can use this feature? and a feature to disable certain groups from the moving groups selection.
  9. Any updated way to find our a error code? im getting a error and the error is 4X245/3
  10. is this plugin still working with the updated version of IPS?
  11. cant Waite for this to be out of beta!
  12. im getting this error when i place the widget on my site: [[Template core/front/global/widgetContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  13. YAY He's back!!!