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  1. Yes, I have the latest updated yesterday.
  2. Doesn't work for me, I add the servers but script not check anything. I see this logs in my acp: My servers (all unknown): And status page: I use IPS 4.1.19, php 7.0.17 and mariadb
  3. I have the same issue @Safety1st in new version 4.1.19. I can't edit the profiles in ACP.
    I love this Theme for my Roleplay forum. @Brian A. it's a excellent designer, and support about the Theme issues is awesome!
  4. He migrate my site from SharedHost to a new VPS. Setup and Optimize all things I need (Nginx, php-fpm 5.6, zend opcache with memcache, cloudflare, etc), and my site now runs like a charm! Very fast and feels secure. I'm very happy!
  5. Really like it your website! ^^
  6. Awesome, your site runs very speed! ¿What configuration you used in your host?
  7. I also have a Roleplay Community ^^ Spanish World of Warcraft Private RP Server. I use a Group Collaboration App, for RP Lore Orders and Guilds. RP characters can be members It's the first time I use a light theme for a gaming forum and I like how it looks.
  8. Sounds good
  9. Awesome preview! New version looks really great, Aiwa
    Works great!
    Gracias por tomarte la molestia de traducirlo y compartirlo gratuitamente. Se agradece mucho eso.