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  1. Sorry, I missed the replies here. Have you fixed this in the meanwhile? The importer from the other 3rd party application from ipb3 is finished Could 2,3 people which are interested into this, send me their 3.x database to test it further? Done:) I'm sorry that it took so long, but I had to finish many features in my own app, before I could start working on the converter/importer. It will be included in the app with the next release
  2. I'll see what I can do:)
  3. No need for a donation I'll see what I can do this weekend.
  4. We've clarified this via PM.
  5. Any further suggestions?
  6. It's checking already the member_posts column. if ( isset( $trophy->crdata['content_count'] ) AND $member->member_posts < $trophy->crdata['content_count'] ) { return FALSE; } Sorry for the confusion.
  7. Fair point, I'll change add a new option in the next release. Changing this behavior for existing clients would probably remove trophies for a lot of people, so making a new criteria would make IMO more sense here.
  8. Fixed in 1.1.11
  9. Thanks for the bugreports, I'll fix them this weekend and make some minds about the implementation for the dynamic title.
  10. This is now available in 1.1.10
  11. Thanks! I have released a new version addressing this bug.
  12. I have created an app for this
  13. Thanks. I have released a new version which fixes this issue.
  14. Would be a great new feature for my member & staff tools application