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  1. Sure. My dilemma is, that if I change it, it would change the whole design, which isn't really what I want. You could edit the template partners/front /index/overview ( ) and replace <div class="ipsPos_center ipsType_center"> with <div class=""> I'll wait for IPS to see what they're going to do and then I'll see if i need to improve this.
  2. Yea, that's an issue with google charts:( I'll see if I can find another js chart library
  3. Is the server or the client side taking so long to load? I'm not sure if I can do anything against the google delay Are the statistics pages in your ACP also freezing?
  4. Thx It was indeed important for the client who requested this application that it works without rules application because it caused too many issues. Anyway, I can see the benefits of both systems, that's why rules application is supported since version 1.0.5 so all the people with automation rules can use it to create their own rules to award trophies Anyway, if somebody is missing a criteria or if you needs some specific usecases/rules, feel free to suggest them here in this topic, or start a PM with me and I'll see what i can do for you E.g. awarding a trophy when somebody creates a new database entry in database X or when somebody posts X posts in forum y isn't possible with the built in criteria system, but it's quite easy to provide such feature with an additional plugin
  5. That's a bug in IPS4 It's happening also in posts and all other content. I have reported this to IPS4 test test tet
  6. Version 1.0.11 available Fixed Bugs: Missing langstring Changed some langstrings New Features: Created new setting for the max. Icon Size in the postbit
  7. Version 1.1.6 available New Features: Added widget which shows all open positions Fixed Bugs: Added missing langstring
  8. yes nope, not planned yes, you can use the module permissions
  9. It's a known issue and already fixed ( as you see on ) in the next release coming tomorrow. I just need to finish a better caching system for biggger boards
  10. Live Demo:
  11. Statistics Page

    Version 1.0.1


    This application will add a statistics page to your IPS4 installation Demo:


  12. This isn't for push notifications to your smartphone. This application will allow you to create and send custom IPS4 notifications via your ACP to your members.
  13. Yes, just edit the frontnavigation_partner language string.