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  1. I can set it to Weekly and just leave the monday checked, but I don't have an answer for you regarding "Do your tasks run via cron or community activity?" I didn't see that option anywhere.
  2. My newsletter seems to be sending out hourly (I'm receiving it, as well as the "Newsletter Distributed" notice) My settings are set to where Ideally they will go out only Monday at noon...any ideas? After spamming the crap out of everyone, I set it now to just Administrators and it continues: I just noticed a trend.... It's happening every time someone posts a new topic ! HELP!
  3. Thanks @HeadStand ! Confirmed that it does generate a URL when using the PUBLISH option to a limited set of folks. Is there any way to have it make an UNSUBSCRIBE link vs a long url ?
  4. I tried that, sent to my email and got the same:
  5. My unsubscribe info doesn't seem to show up in the emails... I currently see this in the preview. Thoughts anyone?
  6. Confirmed fixed, and 1st newsletter sent! WHOOOOO! On "IMAGES" Any chance we could maintain the correct image dimensions and get a clear preview vs fuzzy?
  7. No matter how I enter the date, I seem to get this error, any ideas?
  8. I can confirm this @HeadStand ! I just updated and WHEW! Much better. I have a really nice email template from another CMS, would you like to see it for inspiration? Feel free to PM me email.
  9. I want to use this so bad as it was very expensive, but it is absolutely unreadable, just a big block of letters...
  10. @NoGi still willing to share the template you have? It looks really really bland as default and I hate to think I spent $50 for something I won't use. Some pre-populated styling would have been a really nice plus.
  11. I'm on the cloud service, not sure that I have access needed to make such a change...
  12. Getting an error on the latest: 1C133/9 The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it.
  13. Has anyone created a nice looking "Digest" template they'd be willing to share? or $hare? Please send PM
  14. I'm a bit of a noob, if there is anyone here able to create a nice clean "digest" template for me I'm willing to pay for your time. I just want the newsletter to go out HTML with a header and footer, each post should pull in the preview image and a short summary, bing bam boom....
  15. @HeadStand Thank you this gets me very excited, I didn't see a sample email in your photos, I'm looking for something that will at least include the thread preview image...all text just won't get peoples attention. Is there a sample you could email me perhaps?