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  1. Well, i wouldnt say unnecessary. I have seen the feature in xenforums and loved it.
  2. I love jQuery, should we wait 2 years (approx) to see in ipb?...
  3. thanks Chris, i bought it looks promising content system :)
  4. Hi, ive tried to buy ip.content but i cant buy it. i am clicking on this: and cant remove ip.board standard. i already bought ip.board and now i want only ip.content. as second question: my ipboard is in mydomain .com /forum/ folder, can i use ip.content as home page, like this: www . mydomain .com /index.php ?
  5. tags and jquery would be awesomely awesome!
  6. Waiting you patiently, Geek. You are a great contributer.
  7. 1. 2. Jquery 3. Jquery 4. Jquery 5. xhtml valid skin
  8. All Updates shows only todays status updates? Cant we set to last 3 days or something?

  9. Hey Niko :)
    hope to see ya in gta5

  10. Personally, i would love to see this in ipb.
  11. is it possible to list "popular" tagged topics? last 30 days, last 6 months etc?
  12. Can anyone give an approximate ETA? 3-4 weeks? 1-2 months? I just need a clue about it. I know you guys are not tend to give any date but maybe an approximate date? in april? may?
  13. Hi all, I was waiting 3.1 to come online and finally we saw it today as beta. I think active members will be able to download it soon. Should i buy the license soon and convert my vbull forums to ipb3.1 beta? Converters are ready? Convert to beta software is recommended?