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  1. I understand what you mean. the end user shouldn't have to worry about setting things up right from the beginning. The software should allow the end user to change things quickly and without effort, and take into consideration the needs of those who have disabilities and prevent the risk of RSI. I just wish that that developers had given the same respect to the back-end as they did with the frontend. The ability to delete multiple items at once would go a long way in helping for a start. If I want to clear the logs on our forum, I do this via the database because deleting them one by one is not an option for me.
  2. Which is great until you realise that you need to change a setting for each field in each category for your databases. A global way to edit all the fields settings in one place would have helped today. If you have a disability such as RSI or limited hand movement, then you will understand why this needs to be changed.
  3. That was why I suggested a way of changing all of the field permissions in a global way or the ability for the end user to use permission's on fields or not.
  4. I didn't add another group to the members groups. I setup Pages initially only allow administrators to add and edit articles, and I then wanted to give another group (that was already there) the ability to do this. I should have just been able to go into the database permission and change the Add records and Edit Record for this group and that should have been enough. The Field settings in my opinion are not required and waste calls on the database each time. I personally would like to see the permission on fields removed or a way to turn them off completely and use the database permissions as a global for the form. That is my personal opinion, yours may differ and I apologise if that is the case.
  5. I have around 20 databases and each one as many custom fields added to them. This wouldn't have been an issue however, today I decided to add another group to have permissions to add and edit content and what a nightmare this is to do. Is it really necessary to have the permissions on each of the fields, on top of the database permissions as this just seems like overkill to me? If you won't remove the permissions on the fields, at least give us a way to change them all globally at once rather than individually at a time. This is just so time consuming.
  6. I have to agree with the OP. Before we upgraded to version 4, we only needed two gigs of RAM and 2 CPU's on our server and ran like a dream. However since upgrading version 4, we have had to upgrade our servers to 8gig RAM and 3 CPU's to handle the extra load and soon as we hit over 300 users on line we start to struggle (I'm sure this me be down to a possible server config issues).
  7. I would like to ask the development team to make a change in regards to ignored members posts, status etc. Would it be possible to not display anything related to ignored members, such as notices in the topic stating that 'You have chosen to ignore' message. This kind of defeats the purpose of the whole point of putting someone on ignore. I generally give advice to my members to put people on ignore if they feel that they are being targetted by trolls, however, I was unaware that they could still see notices of ignored users posts and this has caused some friction between some of my members. Please change this so when members are placed on an ignore list, they are completely invisible to the person placing them on ignore. Thanks,
  8. That would be fantastic Cheers
  9. Bang on my friend
  10. Not before the quiz is taken, there would be no point to that! There was a Quiz for version 3.4 that displayed the answers after the contestant had played the quiz.
  11. My members have asked if the answers can be displayed permanently on a page and not just on the last step (Results Page).
  12. @Adriano Faria Thanks for the app, cheers. I have one question that could possibly turn into a request regarding your answer After a member completes a quiz, is there a page in which they can view the correct answers afterwards? At the moment they can only few the correct answer directly after they complete the quiz.
  13. Feature Requests For This App: Member Rewards: I would like the ability to tie a specific member reward to a specific goal (Not goals as in global). That way we can tailor the reward for a specific goal in mind. At the moment this is all global. Amount Range: Can you make it so we can just specify an amount rather than a range? Ie If I only want this reward for a £25 donation. (Yes I know I can put £25 in both text boxes.
  14. There are many area's of this CMS that don't show the sidebars and could easily be turned on, but IPS in their wisdom decide for us which pages will get sidebars and which won't. If you want sidebars on the search page, you can easily do this by editing a php file: /applications/core/modules/front/search/search.php Change line 34: \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['enabled'] = FALSE; To: \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['enabled'] = true;
  15. Something that should be very simple to do or change for any admin and yet IPS makes a complete and utter hash out of it....... is Dates and Times. I have never known any Forum or CMS that makes users just through hoops to setup what should be something simple. I don't want to edit language strings, I don't want Short dates, Long Dates, Dates with the Year missing or USA specific dates. To make matters worse, Dates and Times across applications don't even show the way you want them or are shown inconstantly. I want a very specific way of showing the date and time on my forum and website, for example: 23rd July 2016 16:00. But, because IPS wants to be 'clever' about it and forces certain dates and times on me that I just do not want. I really do not want to start modifying code just to get Dates & Times to show the way I 'want' them. I just don't understand what is so hard about giving users a simple choice in the ACP in a simple way. For example: Will you please give us the ability to change setting in the ACP like we had in version 3.14, for things like Server time, local time, dates and time, server compression etc etc.