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  1. Hi Kevin, Thanks, I had already thought about using your plug-in, but changed my mind as I felt it overkill for this. In the end I wrote a Task Hook to allow me to get what I wanted. Thanks again,
  2. Hence the reason why I was asking if we could have the ability to create custom Tasks via the Acp
  3. Is there any chance that Admins can have the ability to create custom 'Tasks' in the ACP please? I would like to be able to have Records in Pages have their 'Featured' switch removed after x amount of days, and this would seem the best way to approach this.
  4. Is there anyway to create a Poll on a Topic that has already been posted?
  5. The script seems to be this one here, I have no who wrote it. Seems to be for Video's?
  6. Dear Developers, Can you please implement a proper File caching system instead of this store() pish! I would like to be able to store static content, which I know will not be wiped out every-time that the cache is cleared. Store() is NO USE for the job of storing static cache for the long term and to be quite frank... it's a PITA! You guys had a working file cache in version 3.1, and I cannot for the life of me understand why you removed this in v4? Can you please put it back and save us so much hassle of having to implement our own caching solutions. As with all other requests, I am sure this one will have as much success as my last few...... but here is hoping! Many Thanks,
  7. Let's try that from a end user point of view and someone who doesn't have an idea about development, creating widgets or turning on Dev mode. What you are saying isn't user friendly at all. The end user should just be able to go into admin/Block Manager, click new custom block and enter what they want and save. Without having to buy Pages or a custom block to do it.
  8. Creating custom blocks should be as standard with IPB and shouldn't need Pages. Most CMS's I have coded for, worked on and tinkered about with have had this for countless years.
  9. Support for this small plug-in. Questions, fixes, or changes please feel free to ask.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    What does it do? This plug-in prevents your members from trying to steal attention, by entering a title in purely uppercasing with lots of punctuation. The Plug-in will try and strip the text to a more readable format that is constant with your board posting guidelines. Plug-in Settings: Case Types: There are 5 different types of casing that you can use. No Modification, Sentence Case, Upper Case, Lower Case and Title Case. Excessive Punctuation: This tries to reduce excessive punctuation from the title. This will turn ??????? to ? and !!!!!! to !. Exception Words: These are word of your choosing that will never have their casing changed, regardless of your plug-in settings. If the word is upper case, all of these words in the title will be forced Upper case for example. Remove Characters: These are characters that will be removed regardless of how many there are in the title text. Names that begin with O', Mc or Mac will be processed automatically from o'neill to O'Neill or mcneill to McNeill. At the moment, only the Forum Topics and Pages Applications will have their titles changed. Please note: This is a RC version and use on a production site at your own risk.


  11. I see what you mean, I will have a look and see what I can come up with and if I come across a solution then I will pass it on to you.
  12. Yup, another option in the sort by. I could do all this myself, but I just don't want to the pain of having to update my edits every-time you do a new release (I just don't have that amount of time ) Thanks again,
  13. You can't do a 'Join' for this?
  14. It does get rather annoying after a while, especially when you are trying to test plug-in installs.
  15. Can you add the ability to sort by 'Most Plays' in the Quiz Feed (For popular Blocks) please?