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  1. Good idea, Just have no idea on what rules that needs to be said!!!
  2. yeah that's one option, though be cool to built something into the plugin so that if an member opens up an group they go though the payment option steps. So that it's separated
  3. loads for me
  4. I don't know if it has been mention but I be considering paid! Where members make there group and pay monthly. An option to add to the plugin?
  5. One time I remove the plugin. And all boards from the groups appeared on my forum list on the ACP. taken me time to remove or hind it until the plugin was loaded up again
  6. I'm still setting up the plugin from my end and at the moment I love it it's so cool and the end results I know I will get 30 plus more members. What I would like to see "suggestion" that the collaboration groups doesn't shares the forums, databases etc on the ACP. I want the members to make up the boards on there own little mini sites but have it in the ACP so that it's supperated to the main website boards!!!!!!
  7. you answered my question, thanks
  8. Question, Can only selected boards can use this option?
  9. update http://www.invisionize.com/
  10. The good old days and stop making me old
  11. love it, it's so Basic
  12. Nice Still you have some editing to do with the titles
  13. Good plugin and glad that my question has been answered already
  14. Yeah, but on my website /theme there is no countdown
  15. Done