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  1. good luck
  2. It's more then just the shadow, and it does fix it
  3. Thanks, I'm not the owner but I'm an admin. BaysideGamers is the one that I own @daveoh thanks or reporting, Been testing and it's the theme side then my side. I removed ads and footer and whatnot and still the same
  4. for what site?
  5. DAMN!!!! Lucky for me I'm not the owner. But it's going to be our top job to do right now...
  6. I thought I show off another new website. http://dpwsmedia.com/ Still working progress and any thoughts? Also check out www.baysidegamers.com
  7. Cool
  8. It seems that you don't have an color option for (Send me news and updates) from the register page. It's white
  9. Believe in yourself lol
  10. I thought that there is an topic for this..
  11. Now that made my day, HAHAHAHAHA
  12. I feel the pain not having an setup like that
  13. demo is a passed however the demo doesn't have a upload logo image. Got another website to site? Or browser running windows 10 phone
  14. we paying for something isn't supported anymore? Sucks I'm out. No more money from me