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    For 10$ this app is very cheap and protects me in a lot ways. I do not need to worry about my forum security anymore. Someone recently got my personal password and that made me worry on everything. I have added 2FA to every single login where it was available, even to my dedicated servers, the forum login was the last commonly used login where the 2FA was missing. I'm really thankfull that this application has been programmed. I do not use the suggested apps by the programmer, i used authy on IOS (recommended by cloudflare) and it still works for me :-) Adding/installation was flawless. Great job & great application, works exactly as expected. Thank you!
    Wonderful plugin once again :-)
  1. Isn't the plugin useless, since IPB has implemented their own proxy which is natively delivered?
  2. That depends mostly on your setup. I'm working at my company as well as at home with windows and VMWare. But my setup is split into 2 monitors. Its pretty good having them in order to not change the windows always and ever. I know that you can also go with a super wide screen like @Makoto got I have a mac when im developing on my couch at the living room, which i like, I got the mac 2015 (latest) and the only reason why i got that is because its lightweight and not supersized. I had a lenovo t430 which were too heavy for me in some parts, tried it with a surface 3 pro, which was simple not comfortable and nearly gave up. I remembered once i was in a store the discussion between Charles or Lindy and Stuart, they wanted that he uses a mac, but he ordered a widnow laptop. Then i thought i could give it a try. The advantage till windows 10 on a mac is the multi desktops. Windows 10 had added them now too, and i also work with them now even at my workplaces. It's perfect to capture and split stuff. So i can recommend both. in VMWare i used to run Ubuntu untill CentOS, but infact, i would never use that as general workspace #nomsdocs #libreofficesucks
    Works as it should Good job once again :-)
  3. and no latency issues, or whaaaaaat? Having your own HP Micro at home is also a solution
  4. And thats a true word.
  5. I didn't start to discuss with you, i just pointed out the fact. You asked once for the pages, thats true, but for me it looks like it was done, but light me up i'm wrong there.
  6. Why you left false feedback then? If the request was missing you could have pointed that instead to say that the manager didn't agree.
  7. Just to leave my 2 cents. Thats really sad, i always apperciate a work that has been done good. And especially you have put a lot of effort to fix and update one of your first theme on IPS4.0 in order to have a professional state. And I think i have shown you that back the days in a pretty good way. Regards
  8. You spent money on learning to code PHP? Then you are doing the essential thing wrong, there dozens of tutorials out on the web which are (for sure) better and free. Learning code has nothing to deal with money, it has todo with motivation and research. HTML is a good start, since its the basic requirement to serve web applications and is commonly used. CSS is also a good point, but not the majority, you mainly google short things like 'how to align text right css' and you find your solution on stackoverflow (commonly). Since your idea is starting to get into it, the main ressource (i use daily) is too lock up blocks, for CSS (since you know already a bit, it is perfect, you get more information and understand them) A good blog is as example: CSSTricks. For IPB CSS, @RADStudios has posted a whole ago a styleguide: https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/419106-ips4x-css-framework-guide/ Taken from IPS CSS codes. MySQL is not required to be learned on a first point for coding successful plugins and applications. I recommend you the way learn by read and research. As example, you want to create an application that allows you to friends list friends on your profile. Then look up the followers module and how it has been made. To understand the code, put on a side PHP.net and lookup functions you do not understand. And if you have any issues understanding parts, google it first (php has the most asked question base on stackoverflow, and you will find the answere there for sure at the beginning). If you cannot find it, simple ask a question on stackoverflow or ask here on the board, i guess there are always people like me who will happily assist you. A good tip, if you want to get into PHP coding, start directly with a versioning control, so you can keep track of changes. It will have a good point for later, you will look up in a year your code and think 'wtf, what faeces i have done there back in time' It will take some steps and time until you will be able to create good code that is optimized and working as it should, but thats a programmers life. Just to point out, that method i described above, has been worked out for me over multilanguages, the lucky part for me is, that i started with C++ (plain, not Qt or framework based), every other language is a lot easier and has strict rules. While you can do nearly everything in C++, that was 8 years ago for me, and im still learning new things on that each day. Learning a language is not a one time based task, its a life task.
    Works as it should.
  9. jQuery is a wrapper instance for many native javascript functions and nothing else, you can fully replace whoel IPB with native JS and would profit from it. jQuery is making pages slow, proven by dozens of benchmark tests. Lookup new applications which are modern, in beta phases in release states and so on, all do no longer have jQuery. So the rebuild (or convert) would have only a positive side effect for all IPS and their customers. This is the reason why you shouldn't use jQuery. However, I'm not sure if i make it checkout the menu thingy today. I will do it maybe tomorrow since i got a spare day there ;-)
  10. And probably die with jquery which actually sucks. Jquery is mainly one of the worst frameworks which where ever invented and released. (I guess only advanced devs can share that opinion, for beginners its easy and a good start) However i rethought right now about that a little bit. And i actually got a but confused. The topic earlier was made in a hurry and i didnt took the time to think about it. They include the hadwae acceleration, but actually define a custom animation in CSS which may actually generate this stutters. I will probably take a closer look tomorrow. Th best way todo something like this is actually having a hidden checkbox with the menu icon as label and hide the checkbox. It would look somewhat like this (im on mobile so dont blame me for any formatting): label.menu-indicator + input[type=checkbox] { display:none;} ul.mobile-menu{ position:fixed;right:0;bottom:0;top:0;width:200px;margin-right:-200px;transition:0.5s all;} label.menu-indicator + input:checked + ul.mobile-menu{ margin-right:0;} Pretty simple and should actually create a smooth animation, also on mobile view. As said, i will look tomorrow into this. Its already 2am (and from your name it seems that ur also german ;-))
  11. Post an example