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  1. TS3 Integration

    I've run into the same issue recently: Any ETA when this is fixed? As I am the third reporting this now it appears to not be server related, except and package updates has caused that what I do not believe. Greetings
  2. Dear Developers

    You could create a member with specified access to the admin control panel to look up the logs as example and just add a member. Nevertheless, I can understand you, but a developer is responsible for handling the situation and I assume that I will speak for nearly all of them that we are not interested into your data or personal information of customers. Of course this will not change the case. Lets try to be honest, we are testing all our applications multiply times (at least i do), if we do not run into any issue on that, we expect all is working fine. When someone now reports an issue it is on our end to clarify the situation, mostly only limited data is provided and it is a ping pong until we have collected up all our information we need. A quick access on the ACP is mostly easier. Additionally, as longer as you programm, as less you trust anyone and anything. How many of the people purchasing apps and stuff like that you think have knowledge that is required to provide us detailed information? Guess why IPS also want full access, even to the server, to provide support... Greetings
  3. Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]

    Hey, I'm getting this during the database installation: Any idea? Greetings
  4. Server Console

    Interesting, I could simply add a default value over the column, wouldn't matter anyway. Glad you found a solution for the issue. Sorry I wasn't around at that time. Greetings
  5. New: Reactions

  6. Better ban management

    Hey, I've just run into the issue that one of my monderators falsely restricted a player from posting / flagged as spammer. Now all of his posts got automatically hidden. It is a pain to revert that, please make such things easier, just a whole revert, or something like this. Or did i miss an option somewhere? Greetings
  7. New: SEO Improvements

    Nice! Have been waiting for some of the listed points
  8. Server Console

    Okay, can you pm me the link to your serverCheck.php files on the server? So I can investigate furthere, thanks!
  9. Server Console

    Hey, do you have the latest version? This was an issue in some of the previous versions. Greetings
  10. Post your workstation

    Well these cats are anyway to lazy when I see the images I'm training actually my guineapig, he is making a good progress. If I ever need another "x" added, I call him
  11. New: Device Management

    The admin cp!!! nice
  12. Post your workstation

    What is that blue lightning thingy in the middle of your desk? And who has a label printer attached per default on his computer? When im seeing a label printer i always remember that one TBBT episode...
  13. Discord Integration

    Hey @Ahmad E., I've just submitted a widget to the market that does display the server activity / online members on discord over the widget API: If you want, I can create a pull request to your repo in order to have it availble directly over your app. Greetings
  14. Discord Server Widget

    Version 1.0.1


    Simple widget to display activity and online members on a discord server. The widget uses the wdiget.json api provided by discord: This widget requires that PHP cUrl extension.


  15. Post your workstation

    Got mine also at 20% overclocked as that is what asus recommended me there, without water cooling My whole mentionable hardware: