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  1. ok, this is much better. 😁
  2. Hi, could you please remove the "Load more activity" button if there are no more additional entries. Some users reported this behavior as very confusing. In deed it is.
  3. Dear ipb, could you please add some kind of sorting to the list of database templates in acp? We have a lot of different templates and sometimes it's hard to find the right one. An alphabetical sorting would be very helpful! This would be another benefit for admins besides the missing search bar https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/435903-search-bar-for-db-templates/
  4. I kind of agree with Square Wheels. The support is great, I have to say this. Thanks for it but I also have to say that sometimes the first response is useless and T1 seem to be confused and I got unrelated suggestions as replies. It's often a waste of time to discuss questions that hadn't come up if someone would read my first ticket text completely. I had many unnecessary ticket loops in the past. Often I had to beg that the ticket gets escalated to T2, because the people there seem to be more professional and get what I mean. Specially Stuart and Daniel seem to be very professional. In general I'm happy to be here and have a great product like yours. THANKS!
  5. Hello ips, could you please add a search bar also for db templates? I mean a search bar like we have for standard templates. This would be great!
  6. I'm still looking for a like-widget which shows most liked content within a specific time period.
  7. Dear ipb, please bring forum depending blocks in a future release. It would be great to have blocks only for specific forums. At the moment I can only create non-cached blocks with template conditionals. Sometimes this is not very useful. Thanks!
  8. See the dfp creative configuration page:
  9. Some ad networks like Google Adsense require an additional click makro for an ad unit. Otherwise clicks won't be counted in dfp.
  10. Which line items do you have? Do you have those problems only with Google Adsense or with all other networks?
  11. Please @Lindy bring back the checkbox for the first post. I don't know what the reason why the first post can't be merged with any other post. We would need this feature very often.
  12. Hi, I still wasn't able to find a responsive solution for layer ads but I'm already using responsive dfp slots since a year. Here you can find the right way to use them: https://support.google.com/dfp_premium/answer/3423562
  13. Hello team, please bring a block with the top entries of any of the leaderboard settings. This could be set by the block settings.
  14. Emojis are not special characters or images, they are standard characters like normal letters. That means they can also be used for URLs. I know it looks odd but doesn't cause any problems. Don't worry.
  15. Would be great to have a switch for disabling those massive timespan queries.