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  1. Im glad to hear that! Thanks.
  2. I will implement that for next version, soon WOW! I like it. better than mine, I always such at coloring haha Thanks for the review btw
  3. Its supposed to be like this, selecting forums will show on forums, anywhere on forums. Maybe in feature updates, no promises You can use the Slider for that I do that in my website http://hellshammers.net
  4. -The global widgets uses Editor so your account need to have HTMl posting access, Go to ACP > Groups> edit your group and then enable "Can post HTML?" setting, after that your editor will have a "Source" button next to the toolbars. You can have only one block for top and bottom -Its the advanced footer plugin : )
  5. Yes, in the front-end colors tab under the body background settings says "Remove image if the slider set wide"
  6. Yea, weird xD anyways im glad it fixed
  7. There is a setting for that too I believee in Front-End tab if i recall, its a usefull setting sometimes
  8. There are no issues on my side changing the color. However, a while ago when i was developing this feature of styling forums on another theme i had similar issue that color or some other settings did not apply and everything was correct, this might be a bug IPS templates not my theme So, Edit theme HTML and CSS open ta_Categories template and do nothing just click save on it
  9. I will look into that later For now try to other settings instead of the first setting to style forums
  10. I just updated the theme and improved the body background image settings, plus adding the setting for item status badges NOT active No version number added, Just download and use Upload a new version Remove the css code i posted in previous post that fixed your background image, you can now use the settings in the body tab Use initial for Header: Background size remember to remove the code in custom.css first
  11. Can you tell me where exactly you see star and comment icons? you might be referring to a different place. Use repeat option too, also add this css to custom.css body.ipsApp.ipsApp_front {background-size: inherit !important;} This option is best suitable for pattern backgrounds
  12. The star icon next to topic titles? It does change my website Check if you have any custom related css in custom.css or check if your topic have new posts ! LOL
  13. There is color settings for that guys Go to Front-End colors tab you can select a different color for "read" and "un-read" forum icons it has even build with a nice sliding effect when you hover on forums, it will nicely show a different sliding color when there is "read" and "un-read" posts. I took care of this very good I dont know what you guys complaining about! lol
  14. This is the fading css for images img.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read { opacity: 0.6; } Or you could use the default theme forum icons, Dreadnought theme comes with a nice sliding effect to show users new status in different colors