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  1. No problem You're welcome
  2. Edit the forum you want and upload your own icon
  3. add this to custom.css and change the number .logoWrap #elLogo img { max-height: 127px !important; } if you want to use a different font awesome icon add this to custom.css and chnage the font awesome unicode to something else http://fontawesome.io/icons/ .cForumList .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large .fa-comments:before { content: "\f086"; }
  4. If a friend bought it and gave it to you, im totally ok with that but there is no theme copyright link, it just says IPS. B.T which is OK, its a no problem but it is not linked to my ips account :/ may i know your friend username who bought it here?
  5. Hi! Sorry, have you paid for this theme somewhere else? downloaded from warez sites? you dont seem to have bought it here on marketplace, i only sell this theme here no where else, i hope you haven't been scammed and support is only for clients here
  6. Great I will make sure to add a setting to disable all the ckeditor customization's for next update. Thanks
  7. does it look same on default ips theme? if im not wrong i think its because the default ckeditor css overrides the newly installed skin try this In ta_base.css find and delete any css codes below that line until you get /* social links and see if the new skin shows correctly, let me know
  8. Im not sure what what you mean but this is just a theme.
  9. these three places use a static font, i make sure to add a setting for next version if you want to manually change it in html templates open Core > global > global > includeCSS the last line which is Marcellus google fonts, you can replace with another font. as for the quick links, its just for links and the sample provided in the field, you cant just place any html and hope everything to work same, however, it should work if you do not remove class names or placing your donate link outside of the links list
  10. The theme works with latest version is too old, you should update your ips version
  11. latest ips version?
  12. Good, good the key should be slider_article_truncatecontent
  13. so does it work? if not replace the slider_article_truncatecontent with slider_article_content_truncate Let me know
  14. Have you edited the slider template? you said i applied a fix, just redo what you did the setting key in slider template should be slider_article_truncatecontent If it doesn't work then try slider_article_content_truncate and let me know
  15. Don't apply any fix just update magnum them to latest version it has already been fixed