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  1. Yes, All themes on the demo page is upgraded to ips 4.2 I will update my files on marketplace the same day ips 4.2 come out
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is license copyright removal for all of my themes. You're allowed to install on any of my themes, One time fee, Remove from all themes. You're not allowed to remove copyright without this license, Support is not provided of any kind. If you have paid for it with private messages, Please open the conversation again, so i can add you here ________________________________ Current themes


  3. Plugin updated to version 1.0.5 fixing the twitter not showing up anymore Download and use uplaod a new version
  4. I have noticed now wait for update please Thank you.
  5. http://hellshammers.net/tit/ In case if you want to check the new themes All of my themes will be upgraded the same day ips 4.2 final release arrives, but If you are on IPS 4.2 beta now and if you own one of the themes, send me a message i can give you the upgraded version to use, Otherwise you can wait for final ips 4.2
  6. Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"

    Almost everything is language strings as adriano suggested You can chnage the names here ACP -> Customization -> Languages. just search for clubs and chnage the name to whatever you want
  7. What do you mean from one day to another? it does work on my side without any issues can you tell me what exactly is not working?
  8. You're right, Anyways wait for the new version its all fixed and work fine. For now you can add this to custom.css to fix it #ipsLayout_sidebar { max-width: 270px !important; }
  9. So is it fine now?
  10. send me a message I see it normal without any issues
  11. is it the website in the image ? https://forum.embroideres.com/ it doesn't look like that in my side
  12. No sorry. language awitch is in footer i dont change it to top nor providing help to edit html templates of any kind due to theme update breaks
  13. I edited my message