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  1. Hi! What text? the title or description? description is truncated and it will always show 3 lines of text, but title is not truncated, i can help if you want to truncate titles -
  2. The select box? it is in the Forms & Toggles tab
  3. Sure, send me a login account with access to Pages addon only and with a little info about what you want and i do it when i can I dont charge for just setting it up^^
  4. mmm, take another screenshot how am i supposed to know what is that, where is that? what message field
    Thank you so much. So delicious!
  5. Will be fixed in next version thanks for reporting
  6. I do not have any plans right now but in feature updates
  7. Hi Sorry this is for demo only you do have the palette in theme settings but not as a sidebar
  8. add to custom.css .usernavigation.ipsLayout_container{ max-width: 100%; } /*Adjust the top*/ .usernavigation.ipsLayout_container{ top: 100px; bottom: initial; } /*userbar size*/ .usernavigation #elUserNav{ padding: 7px 15px; } .usernavigation #elUserNav:before { border-left: none; } /*transparency*/ html[dir="rtl"] .usernavigation #elUserNav, html[dir="ltr"] .usernavigation #elUserNav{ background-color: {hextorgb="userbar_bg" opacity="0.80"}; background: -webkit-linear-gradient(to left, {hextorgb="userbar_bg" opacity="0.80"} , {hextorgb="userbar_bg" opacity="0.15"}); /* left to right transparency. if you dont like it remove this line */ background: linear-gradient(to left, {hextorgb="userbar_bg" opacity="0.80"} , {hextorgb="userbar_bg" opacity="0.15"}); /* left to right transparency. if you dont like it remove this line */ border-right: none; border-radius: 3px; } Enjoy im glad you like it Edit: btw i might add it as a setting for next update so users can simply switch the user bar style you got good ideas xD thanks
  9. How/where do you use bold exactly? in editor? if you paste a text with formatting in it, the bold doesnt work, make sure to click this when you paste some text just tested Open Sans, and it works fine, Open Sans quite similar to the default fonts used you can barely notice the difference
  10. of course, you can create a block and set the configuration settings to show records of a specific category of your database
  11. No, there is no bug or anything. ACP > Pages > Pages add your database to a page first, without adding your database to a page, your database feed block does not work, in fact you cant even add a block feed if your database is not added in a page. thats how pages works, there is no bugs or must add a block to the same database page to work.
  12. Hi! The styles can be applied on the main database page ACP > Pages > Database > Edit your database > Show records like articles > Article template then if you visit your main database page you should see the articles with new styles If you select a fixed height on the plugin settings, some of the styles uses the images as a cover, they are not clickable, its normal
  13. Hi! No. category and listing template is not included, You can apply the display template on categories tho however, only display listing, article template "Home article", modified, including blocks for all the styles Pages SuperGrid has category, You should check it out
  14. It is not possible, you have to apply the style on the database ACP > Database > edit your database for Display template select one of the styles : )